In one sentence, what is the point of this website?
Revolutionize the chinese market and make it accessible for english-speaking customers!

How do new items get added to this page?
Experience has shown that most items get added through my Reddit-crawler and through bulk-imports of lists. The reddit crawler adds any taobao find on reddit. If you want to make your List RA friendly, use a spreadsheet (Google Docs) with 1 column for the link, 1 for names and 1 for pictures.

Is this website in any way curated?
Yes! Every item gets checked at some point, although my main intention is getting the items out there as fast as possible with all the information. Items get checked to follow a uniform name format (e.g. all T-Shirts should be called “T-Shirt” not “Tee”) to improve the search function.

How is this website financed?
I do not get money from superbuy for products you find and buy here. The income source we want to rely on in the future is the superbuy registration link you can find on the “getting started” page. If you register through this link and ship a parcel we get a very small share.

How do you keep this site running?
This website comes with a lot of cost. First of all the server needs to be hosted, the web-crawlers and updaters need to run 24/7 on a dedicated system, I need to pay for software licenses and I spend hundreds of hours on this project. Logically, we need to at least make enough money to cover the cost to keep this website running over time.

How frequently does the site update?
It depends on amount of new addition and other factors. One update cycle usually takes 20-30 minutes.

Do existing products ever get updated?
Yes, that is the point of the website! Dead and certain out of stocks items get automatically removed and prices update.

Anything about reviews?
Please leave reviews of items you own. If you don’t own the item but can see aspects from the pictures please leave a comment without a star rating. The rating criteria should be as follows.
1* – Unwearable, rip-off, not as described
2* – easy callout, too expensive, bad material
3* – fair price, but not a must cop
4* – good price, good replication value
5* – great deal, must cop, almost 1:1, >99% perfect

What do the subtitles mean?
[QC] – Quality Check pictures
[OOS] – Out of Stock (This is part of the update cycle, if an item is important for your haul check yourself)
[★] – Critically Acclaimed (The CA list is one of our standout collections and the items granted special recognition)
[ID?] – It has not been identified and thus has a chinese name. (Leave a review with no rating to suggest a name)

Why don’t you remove out of stock items from the shop?
I want to give you the chance to look at the QC pics and reviews to plan your haul. They might restock before the bot scans the item again.

Who made this site?
I am a single developer and this is my first project. Most of the work happens in the background when the bot automatically adds your submissions, downloads preview pictures and updates the site. I am pretty proud of what I have done here and hope this website can stay online for a long time and more people discover the great service.