RepArchive offers an excellent solution for content creators to generate additional streams of income – no registration required.


  • No registration, get started when you want to
  • No paperwork, no contract
  • Get paid through your existing agent payout channels
  • Provide value for your viewers, instead of exploiting them
  • 100% of the profits goes to the affiliates

RepArchive Top/Live Affiliates Program

The idea: You can use our successful service and insert your own affiliate links, for any agent. That means you get 100% of the profits. Payout is through the agent, you never have to talk to me.

What are you promoting?

You are promoting the world’s first and only Taobao and Weidian best sellers list, RepArchive Top. The site has a great reputation and is completely unbiased. I can guarantee that your viewers will like the site, they will be thankful that you showed it to them and forget that you’re trying to make money.

How to get started

First, go to RepArchive Top and change the options to what you think works best for your viewers. For instance if you have a local audience you should change the currency.

Next, you add your affiliate link to the Url. We have the following URL parameters:

aff_wgb (for Wegobuy)
aff_sb (for Superbuy)
aff_sg (for Sugargoo)
aff_css (for Cssbuy)
aff_cgb (for CityGoBuy)
aff_pb (for PandaBuy)

Now you just have to add your affiliate extension, see the example below.

After you load the side with your link it works instantly, so you can try it out yourself.

For example, as a German YouTuber, partnered with Sugargoo it should look something like this

You can contact us to generate a short link for you, like This link would then redirect to your specified affiliate link.