Not so recently a buyer reported that his products got seized by the Belgium customs officials.

This incident is not the first being reported, the same person that got seized this time, reported that they got seized not too many months ago, back then the seized goods where Adidas. Our contact infromed us that he received a letter from the legal company that works with Adidas demanding 300€ for the destruction of the replica shoes.

This time he seized products where from the brands “Balenciaga ” and “Dior”.

We want everyone to use our RepGuide for buying to avoid such events happing ever again. Choosing the right item value, parcel size, weight, shipping service and wrapping is essential. The victim who got his parcels seized didn’t used any guide and he had to pay for it by losing his items, shipping and nerves when he got the letter in the mail. We recommend everyone to read our extensive RepGuide before doing any hauls, but even more so for big hauls.

This is not legal advice. If you get a letter from customs or a brand it’s usually best to not react at all. There are many scammers out there, and if it is serious you will hear from them again. By responding you only admit guild or at least help create a connection between you and the shipment.

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