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Reddit’s Rep Subreddits (Fashionreps and the like), a Rating

Some of you might be looking for a place to discuss taobao reps and contribute your content. Or you are looking for inspiration for your next haul. For you these subreddits will be worth a look. Many of you might actually come from Fashionreps or other reddit subs and come to RepArchive for the structured content we provide.

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Wholesalers (iFashionstores) & why you have to use them

Rep wholesalers act as a fulfillment service between dealers and agents. They buy and store big quantities from sellers and sell them to you through an agent order. This eliminates the customer service problem many sellers have. And before you say another middle man just marks up the price, keep reading, this might not be the case. An example that recently rose to prominence is For the same amount of money you get great benefits like professional customer service, discounts, coupons, and other rewards.

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Coronavirus Update/Guide

At this point, COVID-19 has a grip on most of our lives. Some of you might be forced into isolation at your home and think about using this time to do some shopping or you might be waiting for your latest order. This guide will give update you on the situation in China and how to stay safe when receiving your shipment, based on first-hand information from Chinese sellers and scientific studies. We also include our guide for best practice.

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Supreme Box Logo (Bogo) Ultimate QC Guide

Hey guys, after all the requests and DM’s, I thought I’d put together a guide for those of you who want to QC your own Supreme box logos hoodies or crewnecks. Keep in mind this guide is meant to help you QC your bogo to determine whether it’s a replica or retail and to determine it’s flaws. I’ve added photos to help you do a rep vs retail comparison side by side.

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Wegobuy Sub-Page Overview

Wegobuy has lots of different pages, for instance the parcels page or the shopping orders page. Navigating and finding them can be very difficult, especially since it’s different from Superbuy. In this Guide we show you where to find all the different Wegobuy pages and give a quick overview on what they do and what they are good for.

Learn how to find the shopping cart, orders, warehouse, parcels, coupons and customer service. Instead of just giving you a link we show you how find them so you can remember it.

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