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With LY now gone I’ve noticed people have started looking for new sellers on Weidian so I thought I would cover how to assess the quality of a store.

A gues...

How to identify good Weidian sellers post thumbnail

In r/Flexicas' top post of the month, u/Powerful-Farts had a few ideas how we can compare the most popular trusted sellers for sneakers. We got permission to post it as part of our "best of reddit" category.

Sneaker Price Comparison: Which Trusted Seller has the Best Prices? post thumbnail

In this short guide, I'll show you how to save money overall and not overspend on reps.

This list is heavily based on u/Cactus--Jack's famous Flexicas List that's been the go-to resource for thousands of customers.

Since Cactus Jack's knowledge i...

Guide on how I maintain Boostmaster Lin's Ultra Boost and how I make them look like new all the time! Shoe cleaning can be fun! Hand and machine washed.

Keeping your shoes clean - 1:1 crispy deadstock looks - Overkill Guide post thumbnail

I would like to try and clear up and confusion about customs seizing parcels and the best method to increase your chances of not getting seized.

How Not to Get Your Haul Seized by Customs (USA + other countries) post thumbnail

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