Coronavirus Update/Guide

At this point, COVID-19 has a grip on most of our lives. Some of you might be forced into isolation at your home and think about using this time to do some shopping or you might be waiting for your latest order. This guide will give update you on the situation in China and how to stay safe when receiving your shipment, based on first-hand information from Chinese sellers and scientific studies. We also include our guide for best practice.


Introducing, a replacement for Superbuy

As most of our readers might have noticed, Superbuy got stricter over the last few months especially. Some items are restricted and cannot be shipped with all shipping services. Some countries require you to declare a minimum value. We can also assume that the name is associated with counterfeits, so an alternative will give you more safety at customs. Read our F.A.Q. to find out everything you need to know, and what we would choose: Wegobuy vs Superbuy

$40 Welcome Bonus inside!