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October 20th 2022 is RepArchive’s 5th birthday. Like every year I summarize what happened during the last 12 months and what’s planned for the next year.

RepArchive's 5th Birthday! The year in review and what's to come... post thumbnail

From the beginning, RepArchive's mission included transparency and freedom of choice. There's no site that treated all agents equally like we do. But with new...

Superbuy approached us and told us we should redesign our coupon banner because it doesn't fit their updated color scheme, that they were actually using over a year. I used this chance to redesign a new collection of sign-up coupons.

New Inverted Shopping Agent Coupon Designs post thumbnail

This is a passion project I've been working on behind the scenes for a year. It's a site for fishing gear from AliExpress, called

I had the ide...

RepArchive surveys were introduced as a weekly series of posts to compound community knowledge and provide more meaningful answers to users from all different...

Due to increasing complaints, and thankfully only threatened lawsuits, we decided to remove all mentions of brand names from RepArchive and our sister site Rep... first went online in 2017. That's a really long time in the short-lived Chinese B2C world, where things seem to change every day. Read or watch our video to see what we achieved so far, and where we're heading.

RepArchive's 3rd Birthday - our past and future post thumbnail

It was brought to our attention that there are many replica items on our site. Of course we have to react to this shocking revelation, because we honor the rig...

RepArchive switched the link structure for stores (taobao sellers, cnfb sellers, etc.) in October 2019 to make it simpler to share links and navigate.

We're extremely happy to announce our sponsorship for QC SUITE. We offered to happily provide them with everything required to keep the service running.

RepArchive x QC SUITE (Superbuy2Imgur Plugin) - Sponsorship post thumbnail

Hi my friends, people who frequent RepArchive might have noticed that we suddenly have a lot more QC pictures on our site. The reason for that is that we teame...

I know we didn't communicate a lot lately, and didn't publish anything. I've been tuning everything on the backend (even on my vacation) for our new huge proje...

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