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Weidian is a new Chinese shopping site for C2C purchases. It's very liberal with item restrictions and fees are low. Learn how it works and how to order.

RepGuide #11 - post thumbnail

La RepGuide completa, para aquellos que prefieren leerlo todo de una sola vez.

La RepGuide es una guía paso a paso que te ayudará convertirte en un comprador...

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The whole RepGuide in one place. Renowned step by step guide that goes into every detail about Taobao, Superbuy and Wegobuy.

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We are starting with buying from Wegobuy because there is a high probability that you found our service because you already found an item on Taobao.

RepGuide #1 - Placing an Order on Wegobuy / Superbuy post thumbnail

There's a choice of so called value-added services. They are available for all carriers. These options can make your shipments safer and cheaper.

RepGuide #6 - International Shipping Extras post thumbnail
<table class=""><tbody><tr><td>RepGuide is your step to step guide to becoming an experienced shopper for Chinese products and making use of the best prices ou...RepGuide #1 - Placing an Order on Superbuy post thumbnail

CnFashionbuy (CNFB or CNF) or CnFashionpub (CNFP) are the link between trusted sellers and your agent because those sellers might not sell on Taobao. Since the...

RepGuide #10 - CnFashionbuy post thumbnail

Fnd taobao items and choose the best items. Learn to tell if the offer is as good as it seems and how to find reviews, pictures and more.

RepGuide #2 - Choosing and finding an item post thumbnail

Today we'll show you a very simple trick to translate Chinese pages. This works to translate Weidian or Yupoo, as well as of course taobao.

RepGuide #3 - Simply Translate Taobao and Weidian post thumbnail

Once the items arrive in your warehouse, your agents sends you quality control pictures, so called QC Pics. Some call the PSP Pics. These pictures are...

RepGuide #4 - Quality Control (QC Pics) post thumbnail

Based on dozens of parcels safely shipped to multiple countries, we know the best shipping service, what weight to ship and when to split a haul.

RepGuide #5 - International Shipping post thumbnail

Customs is the legal import control authority. Here's what you can do to avoid trouble: Declare the value right and send the right invoice and documents.

RepGuide #7 - Customs post thumbnail

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