RepGuide #1 – Placing an Order on Wegobuy / Superbuy

RepGuide is your step to step guide to becoming an experienced shopper for Chinese products and making use of the best prices out there.

You are probably wondering why we start with ordering and not with finding items. This is because there is a high probability that you found our service because you were looking for an item and you already found it on Taobao. Now you just want to get that item. That’s why we’ll show you how to order from

All of this works for Superbuy just as well, you just need to replace the word Wegobuy with Superbuy.


RepGuide #5 – International Shipping

International shipping is a better experience with the best shipping service and the optimal haul split! This guide is based on dozens of successful parcels shipped to different countries with different shipping services. This is easily the most debated topic and the topic with most wide-spread misinformation so we are giving you the most detailed and in-depth guide!


RepGuide #7 – Customs

Customs is the legal authority making sure that items imported are legal and taxed correctly. Here’s what you can do to avoid trouble: Declare the value right and send the right invoice and documents. Even if customs doesn’t have a case against you it will cost you time, so avoiding it in the first place is helpful.