TransferWise: Get the Real Exchange Rate when buying from Taobao, Wegobuy, AliExpress etc.

TransferWise is a website and payment service for virtual credit cards and bank accounts that offers the real exchange rate, the same one you find on Google. With the click of a button you can create borderless bank accounts in different countries and currencies. It saved me thousands of dollars and is one of the best things I ever signed up for. It’s highly recommended for everyone, for your repfam and private life.

(more…), why it could (and should) Replace Yupoo and WeChat Albums

While going down the rabbit whole of looking through seller profiles we found a new site, We never heard of it before, so naturally we investigated and wanted to be the first ones to talk about it. In this post we will explain what we found out about it, how it works in connection with WeChat and where I see it come in handy for sellers, and for us as end users. It has some promising features.


Tracking Wegobuy/Superbuy Parcels

This is a more detailed look at something we mention in the RepGuide, how you track your parcel after you managed to save shipping costs by following our guides. This comes in handy after you shipped it with EMS or DHL or whatever your favorite shipping service is. This method of parcel tracking is good for any agent, definitely for Superbuy/Wegobuy or any seller who provides you with a tracking number.