At Chez Pierre, we masterfully and affordably create a unique, luxurious fragrance, just for you.

In so doing, we strive to keep your dreams alive ensuring you feel your best, even when life is putting you to the test. It’s no secret that since the dawn of time, a mere trace of a scent has an all-consuming impact on our emotions.

Fragrance exploits our feelings, it possesses the invisible power to boost our mood in the morning, ground us when we need to find balance, evoke a blissfully happy  memory or the feeling of being lovingly ensconced in a hug as soft as cashmere.
Thanks to the past two years which the world has had to navigate, there has never been a time in the history of mankind at which the importance of mental health has been highlighted to the degree at which it is now. We have all found ourselves at a new junction, our landscape, worldview and circumstances have changed. Many of us realising or refinding that the simple pleasures in life are indeed both priceless and timeless. Whilst this may be the case, we encourage you to see the intrinsic value of maintaining the little pleasures you hold dear. The good news is that what you once may have felt was a luxury, is still affordable,  attainable and maintainable.

Chez Pierre Perfume Bottle

What are your scents about? Are they a whisper or a shout?

Whether you’re currently on a quest to find your tribe or looking for a fragrance to amp up your vibe, Chez Pierre will masterfully create and bottle your very own scents of aspiration.

We invite you to let us know exactly what it is you would like us to blend for you, which fragrance it is you need at your side, to continue to strive, to thrive, and most importantly, keep your dreams alive.

Welcome to Chez Pierre, our family business, established in Serbia, 1994.

With France at the epicentre of European fragrance, and widely regarded as the perfume capital of the world, the collaboration with our French perfumier has ensured that Chez Pierre has remained at the forefront of fragrance making by contributing their innovative approach and intrinsic, historical knowledge to our creations since 1996. Our palette of fragrant notes contain over 150 men and women’s fragrances, inspired by world famous brands.

It has been said that there are more Astronauts than Perfumiers, at Chez Pierre we pride ourselves in the fact our esteemed perfumiers are an eponymous blend of both scientist and poet. Not only do they speak the language of molecules, they possess a deep understanding of the matters of the heart. The same way musicians do not invent new notes to compose their sonatas, our perfumiers rearrange and play with the notes in order to find your unique accord. Our fragrances are a masterful blend of art and science, created using only natural, certified, imported raw materials, with the mindful addition of preservatives when called for, ensuring we always maintain the integrity of the fragrance.

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