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Comparison – Givenchy Distressed T-Shirt

Other than last weeks post, this T-Shirt is very expensive. Retail goes for more than $400 easily and is only available in limited quantities. So from a cost-relation standpoint this makes more sense than a The North Face T-Shirt.

What to look out for:

  • The Font
  • Placement: The left line of the P in Paris has to be just on the left side of the E in Givenchy
  • Distressing
  • Thickness (there are different versions. Some are see-through, others are thicker
  • Reference


This T-Shirt is by far the cheapest. Apart from the quality of the fabric, the font seems to be off and Paris is placed wrongly. I’d only cop this if you either don’t care about being called out or if no one in your area knows what Givenchy is.

This is a non-transparent distress. The tag seems good and the reviews are good too. Only minor flaws and a good price.

This looks basically identical to the last one and has the same distressing in the same shape in the same spots. Might be the same batch. But it is significantly more expensive.

This one features the exact same store pictures as the last one but is more expensive.

This is 69callme’s batch. 69Call me is famous for high quality reps as well as bait and switch. QC pictures would give us more clarity, but I expect his batch to be the best one when it’s in stock.


I would buy the second one. 2-4 are most likely the same batch and number 2 is the cheapest. It has also been bought before, so the chance that the seller doesn’t ship or baits and switches is a lot lower. There are also QC pictures available. 1 is too much of a budget-buy and 69callme is a difficult seller to deal with.

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