Shopping on Cssbuy can be cheaper when you use coupon codes. We will post available coupons here.

Before you even think about coupon codes you should make sure to sign up on Cssbuy through our link*. That way you get platinum status which comes with permanent discounts, a 33% lower service fee and other upgrades.

Current Coupon Code

Cssbuy currently does not have any generally available coupon codes.

Cssbuy welcome bonus coupon, right orientation

You can always get a ¥50 coupon if you sign up here. On top of that you get diamond status including the amenities listed above.

General Knowledge

Cssbuy says they have coupons for item purchases and the international shipping phase. This differentiates them from all other agents, who only use coupons for international shipping. This makes sense, because agents usually see international shipping as their business and don’t make much from ordering items. So seeing a discount for item orders is unexpected, but to be fair we have yet to see a cssbuy coupon of this kind.

Coupon codes usually have an expiry date and a minimum spending it’s linked to.

Redeeming a coupon

Visit this page:

Just enter the coupon and hit “activate”.

Using a coupon

You can use a coupon before you submit an item order or international shipping order.


We feel obliged to tell you that all sign-up links and links marked with * are affiliate links.

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