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Introducing, a replacement for Superbuy

$30 Welcome Bonus inside!

As most of our readers might have noticed, Superbuy got stricter over the last few months especially. Some items are restricted and cannot be shipped with all shipping services. Some countries require you to declare a minimum value. We can also assume that the name is associated with counterfeits, so with the new name there is a lower chance your items get inspected by customs.

To avoid these restrictions, there’s a new website called

Click the button below to create new account and get started with a welcome bonus. This also helps us!


1. Is it necessary to switch? Yes, Superbuy does not want to be affiliated with any contraband items, so they will not allow ordering or shipping of any of those items in the future.

2. What about items in my warehouse or items I just ordered? What about my account balance? All active orders can be finished on Superbuy. You can withdraw the money on your account and refill your new account with it.

3. How can I use the $30 coupon? You automatically get it when you use our link and open a new account. Enjoy your shipping discount!

4. Are you sure it’s not a scam? Absolutely. This was announced to business partners months before.

5. Are there any differences in navigating the site or operations? No, it’s the same layout and the procedure is still the same.

6. What about mobile users? There is no app as of today, but there will be one in the future. You can browse the desktop site through your regular mobile browser.

7. How will react? We will replace all references to Superbuy with wegobuy. But items will have a Superbuy link for legacy support.

8. Is Superbuy shutting down? No, but you won’t be able to ship any restricted items. So it’s useless for our cause.

9. How do you know this? As a 2 year business partner and personal friend with Superbuy staff, I am one of the first people to receive information. This is not an official Superbuy/StarIT Group PSA and the Sites are not affiliated with each other.

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