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Comparison – TNF Logo T-Shirt

The interest in this definitely sparked over the last few weeks, and when I saw a lot of those out in the street I knew I these had to be the hot item #1. Only when I started working on this I realized most are from the same seller. So here you go, a comparison of the The North Face Logo T-Shirts

The Supreme x TNF Logo T-Shirts are excluded from this list because I think they speak to different target audiences.

Generally, I think it is a good buy for a cheap price and not an item you’d get called out for. The retail price starts at $30.


What to look out for:

  • Picture Reference
  • The RTH and the ACE should line up, and the left line of the F should be in the middle of the O.
  • Most models have a reinforced collar


This one is the cheapest and actually has been copped. The review is good and it also has the little logo on the back. The F looks fine. Chest size goes from 90cm-114cm

The price on this is good, and the details seem right. The purple label makes it stand out from the crowd. F placement is on point and the collar is reinfoced. It might be a fantasy piece. Chest size goes from 93cm-105cm


Same seller and same impression. Camo T-Shirts definitely exist in retail. Chest size goes from 100cm-112cm


Also same seller. The F passes and it has 10 positive taobao ratings. It is available in 4 colors. Sizes are even smaller. Chest size goes from 99cm-110cm


Also the same seller. This one is available in black and white. This has not been gp’ed. The F is too far left and the collar is not reinforced, but again, we are talking about a TNF T-Shirt so most people wouldn’t inspect it like that. Chest size goes from 98cm-116cm


Also the same seller. The logo also passes but isn’t perfect. Note that it also has the logo on the back.┬áChest size goes from 99cm-110cm


Also the same seller. This is actually his bestseller. The big Logo is on the back. I could not find this item on the TNF homepage. It also hasn’t been gp’ed, but has 7 positive ratings on taobao. The F isn’t perfect, but if you like the picture I doubt anyone knows the whole inventory of TNF so go ahead. I suppose the measurements are to be taken x2,┬áChest size goes from 54-58 whatever that means.

The big Logo is on the back. Everything  is basically the same as the previous model. Chest size goes from 48-54 whatever that means.


Conclusion: The chance that you get called out is tiny. If you like a simple plain design I’d chose the first one. It is also noticeable cheaper. The price difference between Logan’s is too small to make that a factor. Chose whichever you like and hope it’s available in your size.

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