We finally found face masks that are in stock and can be delivered through a trustworthy agent. We take them apart to inspect the filters and run multiple tests, with fire and breathing.

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Background Story

Government obligations and personal assessments made it necessary to get masks. When looking around locally I found that most stores were sold out and had long delivery times. When looking online I quickly realized that most stores are simple dropshipping stores that don’t know their products or if they even work. On top of that, they can’t name a delivery date.

I asked one of my friends in China for medical face masks for personal use. I said I need at least FFP2 or something equivalent. So he found these KN95 Face masks for me. KN95 is almost identical to FFP2, it’s the US standard that’s ordered by the US government.

When I noticed how many face masks the community was buying from Superbuy I asked my friend, who meanwhile founded iFashionstores, to make them available to the public.


You can order them here: https://www.ifashionstores.com/product/kn95/

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Each mask is packed separately. This is good because it prevents cross-contamination.

They are available with and without an exhaust valve. The ear straps is adjustable.

The masks have 2 outside layers and 4 inside layers. Watch our test to see it for yourself.


Of course the biggest danger is a mask with a fake certificate, that actually puts your life at risk. To counter that we did a bunch of tests.

Breath Test: By holding a lighter in front of the mask we tested if extinguishing CO2 could pass through the mask. The test was negative, the breath couldn’t get through the mask. Of course this is different if you hold it right in front of the exhaust valve.

Layer Test: The mask has 6 layers. This matches the general qualification for KN95.

Fire Test: The solid layer in the middle is supposed to not catch fire and start burning. If you hold it under a flame it’s supposed to incinerate. This test was also successful.

Conclusions: All tests were successful and indicate real KN95 face mask qualities.


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