This is a passion project I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a year. It’s a site for fishing gear from AliExpress, called

I had the idea when I found out a surprising amount of people I fished with ordered from AliExpress, that didn’t fit the stereotypical “RepFam” group at all. So I knew this would be a cool thing to do.

This project was accelerated by the new EU customs laws, so I really wanted to launch AliTackle with enough time to order before July.

The video is from a tiktok I made from my last haul, I’ve ordered over 150 different products this last year, I guess I’m my own best customer.


  • HD Pictures
  • Reviews
  • Extra info (option code, size, weight, quantity)
  • Filter the whole list of lures and other tackle by weight (g) and size (mm)
  • Extra sorting options (price per unit, amount sold, etc.)


This obviously isn’t for everyone, but it has to do with reps in a wider sense as some of these products are modeled after other brands.

Thanks for everyone who joins us on any of our social media, the communities are really fresh and I appreciate it! Tight lines!


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