The dedicated agent page acts as a hub for this agent and brings together our features: shipping calculator, exchange rate, discounts, taobot and more.

RepArchive gets new pages and features, pretty much every other week. Sometimes when you’re expanding like we do, it’s important to pull everything back together every once in a while.

Main Agents Page

The main agents page is overarching all agents.

Currently it’s just a hub to get to each agent’s dedicated page.

In the future we want to use this page for comparisons, such as service comparisons, feature comparisons etc. Anything that regards all agents.

Dedicated Agent Page

When you click an agent’s logo on the main agents page, you get to that agents dedicated agent page.

This page is made specifically for that agent and serves the purpose to connect all useful services for that agent.

From there you can:

  • get to the shipping calculator for that agent
  • take a look at the current discounts and coupons
  • read all Questions-and-Answers from Taobot
  • set this agent as your preferred agent
  • compare the exchange rate to other agents


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