RepArchive has been working on a Pandabuy Spreadsheet search index. Today, at it’s release, it contains 72 spreadsheets, 28261 rows and a modern, next-gen vector search engine.


Try it and you will instantly fall in love with it. We can go over all the features that make it great, and we will, but the main point is: it just works wonderfully.

Table of Contents

What makes it the best search engine

The biggest Spreadsheet

If you look at it, in a way, if you take the search function out of the equation, the RepArchive’s Search Index is the biggest Pandabuy Spreadsheet in existence. As a matter of fact, as of writing this, it’s 17x as big as the next biggest spreadsheet – and the difference is only going to grow.

chart comparing the size of the reparchive spreadsheet index to all other spreadsheets.

This graph shows a size comparison. It’s hard to grasp just how big the RepArchive Spreadsheet Search is compared to all other spreadsheets.

Having so many items is the baseline of a good search engine, and then we also have technology on our side.

Consolidated reviews & deduplication

In the spreadsheet search you will find each item only once. But this one result contains all available reviews, comments, sizing guides and notes for this item. This is the ideal user experiences.

Instead of just a plain-text search, we are employing a vector search engine. We won’t go into technical details here, but this is pretty close to what ChatGPT uses to find results that don’t have to necessarily match your words 1:1.

Shipping Calculator Integration

The spreadsheet search integrates item dimensions and the shipping calculator. So right away, you can see how much it would be to ship this item. Just don’t forget to change the country.

Admittedly, it’s just a single item, at some point we might allow you to put together a whole cart. But it’s a good place to start and a nice integration of our various services.

QC.Photos Integration

Just like our browser extension, the spreadsheet search checks for you if QC pics are available, and tells you if they are. We rely on our partner for this, the advantage here is not only the convenience, it also searches Pandabuy, Cssbuy and Superbuy for the widest coverage.


The search is really quick, considering what it actually does and the cross-referencing it does, you see, for each result it has to check all 28,000 items again to see if it’s the same item, to include the different sources and reviews.

But actually, the most loading time is actually spent to get those up-to-date live prices and QC pics for you.

That’s why it’s currently limited to 24 search results. We think, if you want more results you can type in a more detailed search term, this is a good middle ground between good results and speed.

Agent agnostic

I feel like we don’t even need to mention this anymore, but as all RepArchive Tools, this tool is agent agnostic. So it can be your very own 28,000 item Hagobuy Spreadsheet if you want. Or Superbuy, Wegobuy, Cssbuy, or Pandabuy.

More interesting features

Not only Taobao, Weidian and Tmall are supported, everything that’s in the spreadsheets can be found. We have stores in there, Amazon, AliExpress, Dhgate.

Closing thoughts

Compared to the Weidian, Taobao, Tmall and even the hybrid search, this is a world of a difference. This might be the best we ever get in terms of searching Taobao, Weidian and Tmall.


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