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Cssbuy Total Cost Calculator (Buying + Shipping)

Date: 7/21/2021

Cssbuy developed a publicly available shipping fee calculator, together with the help of It's easy to use and adjustable to your needs.

Calculator Link

cssbuy total cost calculator from a user perspective

The cssbuy total cost calculator

The calculator is a google sheets document. That means it's usable on all devices and in a familiar environment.

The calculator will show you how exactly much money you save with diamond rank. If you want to get to diamond rank + $10 coupons right away, sign-up through the Cssbuy x RepArchive partnership program*.

How to use it

Open the calculator here.

First you need to make a personal copy

"File" > "Make a copy"

Cssbuy Google Sheets calculator, make a personal copy.

After you have your own local copy you're able to edit the lime green fields. Make sure to not tick more than 1 box, except for 3 where you can choose as many options as you want.

Your total results will show on the right hand side, with and without fees.

We have a full Cssbuy ordering guide here:


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