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Latest Taobao Agent of 2022 - TokCommerce

Date: 5/13/2022

TokCommerce is a professional shopping agent for Taobao / Tmall / 1688 / Weidian / Yupoo and other mainstream Chinese e-commerce platforms. We also provide cheapest and efficient logistics services. Shopping and forwarding from China right at your fingertips.

This is a sponsored guest post

What is Taobao agent?

Taobao agent is a company or individual which helps people outside China to buy from Taobao. The Taobao agent provides services like payment,virtual address, warehousing/storage, quality check, international shipping. Besides buying from Taobao, this kind of Taobao agent can actually help to purchase from other Chinese e-Commerce websites like JD, Pinduoduo, 1688,Weidian, Yupoo.

Why do you need a Taobao agent?

There are quite a few problems you need to address before you can have a successful and happy shopping experience from Taobao.


Even though, people from certain countries like USA, Canada, Singapore, UK can register with Alipay and Taobao, they often encounter the problem of having accounts frozen and only having limited payment balance amount. With Taobao agent, you will not have the trouble of handling the payment issue.

Warehouse / Virtual address

Without an address to receive package from Taobao seller, you will not be able to place order on Taobao. Taobao agent will offer you an address in China to receive the package.


Most Taobao sellers are not able to speak and communicate in English. When you purchase on Taobao, there are some problems like pre-order, size, domestic shipping cost and inventory shortage. All these problems will make the whole experience into a struggling and unhappy journey

Quality and Refund

Purchasing online means uncertainty for many products, like shoes, clothing. With Taobao agent, you will be able to check the quality with pictures and videos. This is something you can not do if you choose to buy from Taobao seller directly, because when you receive it outside China , it would be impossible to send back to China.

International Shipping

If you ever tried Taobao official international shipping, which is Cainiao network , you can then compare the shipping cost and delivery time. You will instantly feel like being fooled by their official service, which is way more expensive and much slower delivery time.

What is TokCommerce?

TokCommerce Official Website:

TokCommerce is a new generation taobao agent. Taobao agents have been popular in the markets. However, given the fact that most of the Taobao came out of trading company or individuals. Tokcommerce is invested in by an international shipping company which serves commercial customers, so TokCommerce has a great advantage in terms of shipping rates, and delivery time. And we also developed a very user friendly system which helps people outside China using Taobao feels like using the local shopping app.

  • Paying with PayPal, and other online payment tools
  • Manage all orders in one place on your phone or laptop
  • Streamlined process and customer service experience.

Shopping agent and forwarding service?

Buy from Taobao without Taobao or Alipay account. Whenever you find something you want to buy from Taobao, you can just copy the the link , and paste the link in our system' search box . The whole experience will be like using Amazon or other shopping apps.

One of the most challenging parts of buying from Taobao or China is the international shipping. TokCommerce is invested in by an international shipping company and consists of a group of international shipping experts. TokCommerce will provide you the most favorable and streamlined International shipping and forwarding service.

The reason for using TokCommerce

Let's be practical . Even though we have very good user experience in terms of system and customer service. The following are the key for you to choose us.

Free quality check

We help you to make pictures and videos for you to check the quality and quantity before we send from China to you. And the communication is quite smooth, you can talk with us in email, discord even Tiktok.

Free warehousing\Storage\Packing\Shipment consolidation

According to our experience, you will not just place one order . You may buy from different sellers . What we can do is we help you to collect and consolidate all the packages into one big package for you to save shipping costs . And all these services are free of charge.

Free consultation

Buying from China is easy , but there are always confusion and other uncertainties, our service team will always be there and help you to get these problems fixed.

Cheaper shipping rates , quick and stable shipping service

As TokCommerce is founded by a group of international shipping veterans . We have rich experience of handling international forwarding. And we know that cheaper shipping rates is one of the key factors for you to choose us. We provide the most friendly shipping cost to our users.

Who is suitable for using TokCommerce?

Basically , whoever want to buy from China , TokCommerce will be very powerful tool for them to use. And according to our experience, if you were doing the following things. You should definitely use TokCommerce. We provide customer service in both English and Chinese.

  • Buying Chinese specialties which are hard to find in your home country
  • Doing business. We have seen people using our service to do dropshipping to sell on Shopify , Esty, Amazon or other businesses. Because , with our service, it is all transparent and streamlined.
  • Influencers. We have seen YouTuber and Tiktoker influencers used our service to buy samples and sell to their followers.

Service Cases

How can we help our customers? You must be very concerned about our services. How can we serve each of our customers. Please see the pictures below. Maybe you can get the answer.

Community service.

Community service.

Cheap logistics services.

Cheap logistics services.

One-to-one service. Business service.

One-to-one service. Business service.

Special request.

Free QC.

Free QC.

One-stop order management. The operation is very simple.

One-stop order management. The operation is very simple.

Pack and ship together. Save more logistics costs.

Pack and ship together. Save more logistics costs.

Free QC.

Free QC.

Order Manage.

Order Manage.

Start shopping/forwarding from TokCommerce

TokCommerce Official Website:

TokCommerce New Guide:

Service Email:

Community - Discord:

You can contact us by email anytime and we will service you asap. Thanks.


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