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New Inverted Shopping Agent Coupon Designs

Date: 7/17/2021

Superbuy approached us and told us we should redesign our coupon banner because it doesn't fit their updated color scheme, that they were actually using over a year. I used this chance to redesign a new collection of sign-up coupons.

All designs follow the same concept:

  • Inspired by physical rip-out coupons
  • Use of the agent's main color and the inverted color
  • Left and right version for some variation

This purpose of this post is to see if anyone cares about what happens behind the scenes.


Regular Wegobuy Coupons

"Our Choice" to help users by guiding them and letting them know that Wegobuy is our agent of choice

Slim version

I personally think wegobuy klooks the best...


Regular Superbuy Coupons with their official blue color

Slim Version

Alternative Superbuy Coupons with their official alternative deep sky blue color

Slim version of the deep sky blue

I'm not really happy with any of these, but that's following the design philosophy.


  • Sugargoo welcome bonus coupon, right orientation
  • Sugargoo welcome bonus coupon, left orientation
  • Sugargoo welcome bonus coupon, right orientation, RepArchive exclusive bonus
  • Sugargoo welcome bonus coupon, left orientation, RepArchive exclusive bonus

Regular Sugargoo Coupon


  • Cssbuy welcome bonus coupon, right orientation
  • Cssbuy welcome bonus coupon, left orientation

Regular Cssbuy Coupon


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