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Reddit's Rep Subreddits (Fashionreps and the like), a Rating

Date: 5/11/2020

Some of you might be looking for a place to discuss taobao reps and contribute your content. Or you are looking for inspiration for your next haul. For you these subreddits will be worth a look. Many of you might actually come from Fashionreps or other reddit subs and come to RepArchive for the structured content we provide.

We give you a run down on the different subreddits, give you facts and rate them in different categories, so you can find the right sub to dig deeper. Keep in mind that this is only intended to prepare you for what you'll be facing, not to talk badly about any community.

RepArchive can also serve you with a community. Our discord server is active and we have helpful experts for every question. If inspiration is what you're looking for, why don't you go to our items page, put in a few filters to filter out the kinds of items you don't like and then sort by random?

Table of Contents

  1. r/Fashionreps
  2. r/RepSneakers



r/Fashionreps Header Image, Source: Reddit r/Fashionreps,


FR is the biggest rep subreddit. It's even known in China, where reddit is banned, it is what Chinese sellers think off when they hear reddit. It's so big, that news outlets frequently report on it.

Fashionreps is really active, it has lots of active users and new users coming in.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Although you can find some experts there and many experts release content there, they only make out a small part of the large crowd. Most people around there don't know much and you are bombarded with noob questions.

The most popular content are memes. It's up to you to decide whether that's what you're looking for. RepArchive banned Meme's because we want to create value and streamline the experience of our users, so for us it's a bad experience.

Another negative (in our eyes) pillar of r/Fashionreps are the, most likely fake, user stories. People post about how they were called out or how they called out someone else. At this point they are more of a meme and usually over the top.

We read the top posts and filter out what could be interesting for our viewers. Most of the time high quality posters agree to publish their content on RepArchive. So if you frequent our Blog you're not missing out on the most important stuff, and save yourself the time to look at memes.

Overall, it can be said that you have to read through lots of memes, noob questions and uninteresting posts to find the hidden gems.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


We will not talk about our issues with the moderators and only comment on what your experience will be like.

Expect your posts to be removed and not show up without notice. You can the try to tag the mods and ask for manual approval, but this takes time.

They have a long list of banned words, including reparchive, and banned sellers. Mentioning them will get your post or comment removed, so we cannot say that they encourage open discussion.

Having your carefully made post not approved is easily the worst part. The only good thing that comes from it is that low effort spam from sellers is also removed.

Rating: ⭐⭐

Seller Posts and Shilling

I wouldn't say shilling is a problem, I'd even say it's below average. Of course it's hard to keep track with a sub this size. It is known that sellers give discounts or cash for good reviews, and logically since fashionreps is the biggest sub it should be the place that's most attractive for these shady deals. But, due to the size again, it's not really apparent when browsing.

The bigger problem is that it's building a hive mind. Established sellers get lots of organic promotion there, in addition to the automod that removes posts from other sellers or posts that mention other sellers. This makes it hard for new sellers to compete. New users then only know these big sellers, which makes it look like the sub is in control of a few sellers.

What can be said is that there are some sellers that have deals with the moderators of fashionreps, that have their links on the sidebar and in pinned posts. Lots of these are controversial and arguably got their spots for money and not because their products or service are convincing.

You'll also find sellers promoting their products frequently. Thankfully, the FR mods recently introduced a frequency at which sellers are allowed to post, previously they would flood the sub. Of course I prefer to see sellers promoting their own product in their own name compared to paying shills.

The fact that the mod team promotes sellers (most probably for money) takes away lots of the credibility of fashionreps.

Rating: ⭐



r/RepSneakers Header Image, Source: Reddit r/RepSneakers,


For RepSneakers I need a preface. My personal interest is too low to subscribe to the flood of content that comes from RepSneakers. I don't frequent this sub.

You should also know that the moderators largely overlap with r/Fashionreps, which means that lots of the ratings are similar


RepSneakers activity is high, but the activity usually goes the same way and there's not much exceptional content.

RepSneakers is really active, almost as active as Fashionreps.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


The main content are users posting their QC pics, asking for feedback. This quickly gets overwhelming because it's usually the same.

Memes are also allowed and make the top of the sub quite frequently.

High quality content, such as QC guides or batch comparisons are really few and far between. If it comes, it's usually released on Fashionreps as well.

I took a close look: And feel right for not subscribing to RepSneakers. The content is of low quality and repetitive. The only use is when you actually need QC yourself, for which you don't have to subscribe.

Rating: ⭐


Since it's mostly the same mods as Fashionreps the moderation is similar. There are many blacklisted words and sellers.

It's not generally discussed as much as the fashionreps blacklist, so I'll just assume it's a little bit better.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Seller Posts and Shilling

Shilling is the original problem on RepSneakers. It's big enough to be lucrative for sellers to shill and since most of the content is simple QC requests, it's easy to spam the sub with shill posts.

As with fashionreps, some sellers seem to have worked out a deal with RepSneakers and are featured in different places.

Rating: ⭐

to be continued...


Pictures are used for editorial content.

All ratings are only my personal opinion and aren't intended to denounce the hard work of the subreddit's moderators or reddit as a platform/company. We don't want to accuse anyone of anything.


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