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RepArchive TOP/Live Version 2.3.0 Released

Date: 6/19/2022

RepArchive TOP v.2.3.0 is a full database redesign, from the ground up.

Release notes

  • database redesign
  • trending now compares all spots
  • display for days if an item hasn't been bought in days
  • dynamic page title depending on the selected timeframe
  • fixed sugargoo weidian link
  • fixed an issue where weidian images wouldn't load
  • added sitemap (

To RepArchive TOP/Live

What does that mean for me as a visitor?

First and foremost, quicker loading times. This is quite noticeable. The spinning circle barely does a whole spin now.

Information is also more up to date, more consistently. We have achieved an update cycle of around 1 minute. We don't want to go lower, in order to not stress our server and our data providers with unnecessary requests. Technically, we have at least 30 minutes to catch every purchase, so 1 minute is good enough. A cycle this quick usually only contains one order.

Recounts of positions happen every 10 minutes. That's fast enough, as best selling positions don't change that often. This also leaves more computing power to the users.

What other benefits are the for the future

The database redesign put everything into use, that I learned about database design. As I already mentioned, it makes requests quicker and improves consistency of update cycles. This is done by further abstraction from the source data, making it fit better for RepArchive TOP.

The main reason however, is future proofing. The storage size of the data is much smaller now, by elimination redundancies. If the "all time" time frame should truly be an "all time" timeframe, there's no way around this.

I have endless ideas for RepArchive TOP, and a well organized database will help with this.

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