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RepGuide (Full)

Date: 12/9/2019

The whole RepGuide for those of you who don't want to go from post to post and read it all in one place.

RepGuide is your step to step guide to becoming an experienced shopper for Chinese products and making use of the best prices out there.


RepGuide #1 - Placing an Order on Wegobuy / Superbuy

You are probably wondering why we start with ordering and not with finding items. This is because there is a high probability that you found our service because you were looking for an item and you already found it on Taobao. Now you just want to get that item. That's why we'll show you how to order from

All of this works for Superbuy just as well, you just need to replace the word Wegobuy with Superbuy.

What is an agent?

A shopping agent buys foreign taobao items for you and does quality inspection, storage and international shipping. It is highly recommended to use an agent when buying from China.

Wegobuy is the shipping agent of our choice. Wegobuy has the best service, consistency, payment options and an attractive rewards program. 

Register on Wegobuy

We recommend using the button below. If you register through this link you'll start with ~$40 worth of coupons and you support our free service.

The registration is easy. Just make sure to pay attention to the password requirements, at the moment of writing this you cannot use special symbols.

Open the item in the Wegobuy browser

repguide item window

Click "Find on Wegobuy"  on the page of a RepArchive item to open the taobao item on the Wegobuy webpage.

Add to Cart

repguide add to cart

Select Color, size, quantity and other options and add the item to your cart.

Any warnings that pop up will be generic. Think for yourself whether an item can be imported to your country.

Submit your Order

repguide submit order

From your cart, select all, make sure it's what you want and submit.

Confirm your order and buy extra services

repguide order confirmation

On the next page you'll be asked to specify the country where you want to receive your item (not a final decision). You can also buy extra Services.

Detailed photos: Your agent takes HD photos following your specifications. This is highly recommended, especially for expensive items. It only costs a fraction and can save you from shipping an item all the way from china just to find out it is not how you'd like it to be.

Speedy Response: Wegobuy will prioritize your order. This is only necessary when you are under time pressure and you want your item in time for a special event such as a birthday.

Again, if you want to buy from Superbuy, the process is the same.

RepGuide #2 - Choosing and finding an item

Often you'll find yourself in a position where you don't know if a deal is too good to be true. Here's how you can find taobao items and choose the best items. You also learn how to tell if the offer is as good as it seems and how to find reviews, pictures and more.


In the top right corner of you can find the search bar. On mobile it's at the bottom. It's the easiest place to find taobao items. Use very loose terms, such as {brand name} t-shirt. If that gives you too many results you can still narrow it down by adding the name of an item. It'll almost always be worth it to look at every single offer you're potentially interested in.

Register on Wegobuy + Receive Bonus

Make sure your size and color is available

For this check out the store page on Taobao or Wegobuy.

We strongly recommend using the Find on Superbuy link, not because we get paid but because the Superbuy page has quicker loading times and taobao doesn't reliably change the configuration sometimes.

Read Reviews on RepArchive

The first stop should be looking at the reviews. Are there any bad reviews?

Inspect QC Pictures

Quality control pictures are very helpful to avoid fake reviews and forge your own opinion. They can be found on RepArchive items with a ? subtitle. You can click the + to extend it to full size and use the arrow keys to move around.

Search Reddit for the Item

reddit rep search

In the description you can find a button labeled Search for this item on Reddit. Click it to search reddit for the item through a google search.

This search functions is better than using the Reddit searchbar, because Reddit only searches titles and text bodys, not comments.

Last step

Choose an item and order it. If you missed how to do that read RepGuide #1.

Tomorrow we'll show you some quick translation tricks so you can browse Taobao or Superbuy like you never did before!

RepGuide #3 - Simply Translate Taobao

The fact that most store pages are in Chinese is what keeps lots of people from saving money from buying from China. Today we'll show you a very simple trick to translate Chinese pages. This works to translate Weidian or Yupoo, as well as of course taobao. It's a lot better when you have the translation.

Translate with Google Chrome

Taobao Translate Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a automated translation function. Simply right click and click Translate to English.

There is only one problem with this: It only translates text elements. Content of pictures such as what you see in the picture above cannot be translated with the Chrome translation function. But there is a way to do this, just keep reading.

<table class=""><tbody><tr><td><a href="/30-coupon-portal" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label=" (opens in a new tab)">Register on Superbuy + Receive Bonus</a></td></tr></tbody></table>

Get the Google Translate App

Yes, you should have 2 devices for this: Ideally a computer to browse and your phone to translate. Optionally you can take a screenshot with your phone. The app can be found on any app store or google play store and is free.

Set Translate to Chinese - Your Language

Taobao Translate with Google Translate App

Next click the camera button. Simply point the Camera at your Screen. The app will automatically translate what's on your screen. Moving it around will give you different suggestions. There's no reason to actually press the shutter and take a picture, just keep pointing until you have it figured out.

Translate from a screenshot

If you want to get a taobao translation from a screenshot, you have to click import on the camera screen and highlight the text to see your translation.

RepGuide #4 - Quality Control (QC Pics)

Once the items arrive in your warehouse, your agents sends you quality control pictures, so called QC Pics. Some call the PSP Pics. These pictures are your last key step before committing to international shipping, so making sure your item passes is essential.

Check if your items arrived in the Warehouse

Go to your order overview to see an overview of all you ordered items on wegobuy, or superbuy respectively. The order status shows you where your items are.

RL = "Red Light", Failed a QC check
GL= "Green Light", Passed a QC check

Take a look at the QC Pics

wegobuy qc pics

When available you can view the inspection. Click view image to see the picture in full resolution. Use the arrows to get to the next picture. Click view image to see the fullsize image. If you inquired detailed photos like we explained in RepGuide #1, you'll see those here. You can still inquire more photos at this time.

Compare to items from the same seller

There are multiple things you should compare it too if you are not sure what the item is supposed to look like from your personal memory.
First you should go back to RepArchive and search for more pictures of this item on reddit as we explained in RepGuide #2. This will tell you whether you got the same batch. There's a possibility you got an item that was better or worse. 

Compare to retail pictures

Simply use the Google image search for this. We personally find very good for this. There is a chance to get knockoff pictures from there, but the pictures are all pictures of physical items and not computer generated. To search on grailed follow your Google image search with

Make your decision

If the item doesn't pass your quality control based on the QC pics you can try to return it. Usually you have 7 days to do so. But if it passes you can ship it to your front porch. We'll explain how to do that in our next guide.

RepGuide #5 - International Shipping

International shipping is a better experience with the best shipping service and the optimal haul split! This guide is based on dozens of successful parcels shipped to different countries with different shipping services. This is easily the most debated topic and the topic with most wide-spread misinformation so we are giving you the most detailed and in-depth guide!

Initiating shipping

Check all the items you want to ship on the warehouse page. On the bottom of the page you see the estimated weight.

Attention: The estimated weight is not just the sum of the individual estimates. They also add a few grams for packing material. Play around and add different items if you plan to stay in a certain range.

<table class=""><tbody><tr><td><a href="/30-coupon-portal" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label=" (opens in a new tab)">Register on Superbuy + Receive Bonus</a></td></tr></tbody></table>

Deciding the shipment weight

One decisive factor might be that your preferred shipping service is limited to a certain kilogram range. For example EU-SBZ is only available under 2kg.

Some buyers like to split hauls, this means shipping multiple small parcels instead of one big parcel.

When should you split hauls and why? The advantage of keeping the weight low is that customs won't get suspicious (more about customs soon). This is also because you are on the safe site legally (depending on your country), when you ship multiple small items under the legal exempt limit.

The advantage of shipping big parcels is that it is cheaper than shipping multiple parcels (price calculation below). This has two reasons; There is a base fee regardless of the weight that has to be paid twice and the parcel itself has a weight to it.

We recommend staying below 4kg. In the end it comes down to luck, but this weight is the best trade-off between risk and reward. It's the optimal weight in kg to most countries. Of course this is rule can be bent, if that leaves 1 item you should add it even if it weighs 4.1kg.

After you have decided which items you want to ship click submit

What's the best shipping service?

Disclaimer: Shipping service prices, attractivity, availability and duration mainly depends on your location.

Shipping services differ in shipping time, customs processing and pricing. There is no simple best shipping service for reps.

It turns out that shipping services that appear as cheap and more expensive express cost about the same. Many buyers confirmed this through our Shipping Calculator. This is due to refunds (read more below).

Generally for every country outside of Asia a price of $20/kg can be assumed, regardless of the service chosen.
We suggest you take a premium Express line such as DHL.

Price Calculation

Sadly, as mentioned before price calculation is something even experienced buyers don't understand. They act like Superbuy bills you whatever they feel like for international shipping.

What's true is that we get little insight in the weighing process used by Superbuy and the shipping service. Some shipping companies use volumetric weight (taking dimensions into effect), this matters when shipping big but light/heavy but small items, for example a blanket. When you think about it makes the prices fairer for everyone.

What buyers miss is that you can easily calculate the price once you have the weight. Except for the weighing, which you can check at home, it's absolutely transparent. You can get fairly close with the estimated weight. What's more important than knowing the cost in advance is to make an educated decision whether to split a haul or not.

international shipping price

This link we prepared for you gives you a good basis for your calculation. For this calculation the dimensions of the parcel don't matter, it's just used to show/hide light duty and heavy duty shipping service. Just change the country to your actual country. Then you can expand the tab of a shipping service.

On the right hand side you can see the price for the the first 500g and each additional 500g. The first 500g are always more expensive, which explains the savings for big parcels. Customs Clearance is a fixed expense that you have to pay for each parcel.

The numbers you see on this page and in the example don't consider the refund described below.


Since wegobuy and superbuy want to process your parcels fast they ask you for a down payment that's higher. They use that money to send your parcel on it's way without complications. Then they refund you the excess money. You can use that money for your next haul or actually withdraw it to your bank account / paypal.

Wegobuy refund

Turns out instead of $154 we only had to pay $60, we got ~$96 back!

The alternative would be to take your parcel to the shipping service, for instance DHL, and have them give the agent a quotation. Then they have to ask you for that exact amounts. Then they could finally send it to international shipping. It would take a few days.

Price Calculation (Example)

We are using the screenshot above (114rmb/1st 500g, 37 rmb / add. 500g / 8 rmb base) for an example calculation for 4kg that you consider splitting in 2 hauls:

First you should calculated the true base price. Everything above the price for each additional 500g is a fixed price that you have to pay for the first 1g.

True Base Price ~ $12.75 | 114-37+8 = 85 rmb

After this it's easy to calculated the cost for any weight. The price per 500g is 37 rmb (~ $5.50)

2kg = 4 x $5.50 + $12.75 = $34.75 ( x 2 = $69.50)
4kg = 8 x $5.50 + $12.75 = $56.75

As you can see there is a noteworthy premium you have to pay for splitting a haul. The final decision depends on your budget and country, but we personally would not split this haul.

RepGuide #6 - International Shipping Extras

Shipping is such a big topic that we bring you a second part, that's a bit shorter to spice it up. Another part of international shipping that's independent from the shipping service of your choice are so called value-added services. They are available for all carriers. These options can make your shipments safer and cheaper.

Declared Value

The declared value is an arbitrary number you choose. Wegobuy/Superbuy will split your different items so their prices to add up to the declared value. The declared value is noted on the commercial invoice, a printed sheet attached to your parcel. If you have too many items for it to be plausible they'll leave out items. Customs will look at this invoice. 22$ is recommended if you want to ship now without reading the next guide.

We will tell you more about customs in the next episode

<table class=""><tbody><tr><td><a rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label=" (opens in a new tab)" href="/30-coupon-code" target="_blank">Register on Wegobuy + Receive Bonus</a></td></tr></tbody></table>

Free Extra Services

Free Extra Added Services

Free services only remove stuff from your parcel. Both of these two options are worth considering if your country is tough on customs.

Package removal removes shoe boxes and other containers. It's a way to reduce shipping costs.

Brand tag removal removes the outside tags, not the collar tags.

Value-added Services

Wegobuy value added services are charged options that change how your parcel is shipped. Most of these are easy to understand, for instance gift wrap or wood box. You have to check value-added services in the package details to expand this section.

We strongly recommend using Moist Barrier Bags, this plastic wrap costs <$1 and provide more security to your parcel and make it less likely to be inspected. You can also easily tell if your parcel was opened.

Coupons & Credits

There are numerous ways to get coupons. The easiest is to use the link above to sign up (only possible with new accounts). You get credits for your future shopping sprees after receiving a parcel.

Always use as many coupons and credits as you can. They grant you a fixed price discount, not a percentage, so there is no reason to wait for a bigger order. Some also expire.


Is Insurance necessary? Definitely notis not necessary and not recommended, to make it short.

We used to buy insurance ourselves because it was cheap and the rate was small in comparison to the amount insured. But when looking at all the facts from the Superbuy service page, there is no reason to buy insurance.

Insurance only covers lost parcels that cannot be found after a month, due to natural disasters, failure on superbuy's end and similar events. It does NOT cover parcels confiscated by legal authorities. We've never had a case ourselves or heard of a case where a parcel was lost and insurance covered it. In an event like this, Superbuy also covers parcels for free anyways (although the amount you get is smaller if you didn't have insurance).

The only positive effect we can imagine is that we felt like it might give us preferred service and leverage in case something happened, but this has not been tested.

RepGuide #7 – Customs

Customs is the legal authority making sure that items imported are legal and taxed correctly. Here's what you can do to avoid trouble: Declare the value right and send the right invoice and documents. Even if customs doesn't have a case against you it will cost you time, so avoiding it in the first place is helpful.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this guide/email or on our network shall be interpreted as advising you. This is no legal advice. We do not guarantee that the information here is right, especially for your respective country. Act responsible and obey the law. We assume that the items you ship are legal in your country.

Customs in your country

The laws and applications of customs depend on your location. They are different from country to country and from officer to officer, so there is no general guide that's always right. Inform yourself on experience other buyers from your country had to determine how risky you can be. There are countries that are very easy on items from China.

Always be nice to customs, these people are not only just doing their job, their job is to protect your country and you. This should always be respected.

Customs applications

Customs is supposed to inquire a tax on the worth of your parcel, not what you actually paid. This is to prevent abuse, such as declaring everything a gift. But in reality, the easiest way to determine the value of a parcel is to ask what you paid for it.

A lot of legislations state that shipping costs are supposed to be added to the value. In reality we never had to declare or add shipping costs.

Each country has a legal exemption limit, a value under which it doesn't make sense to spend time collecting tolls. If your parcel is determined to be under that shipping cost it will go through customs without any problems. Keep in mind that this has to be converted between USD and your local currency.

Declared Value

Declared Value

Remember, we talked about declared values yesterday? The declared value is written on the commercial invoice.

There is a solid chance that if you declare the value of your parcel to be under the exemption limit, your parcel will be waved right through and never inspected.

Just look up the value for your country and have Superbuy declare it accordingly. Maybe round down so it's not too obvious. For most countries this is about $20.

The commercial invoice is not legally binding for you and Superbuy is in another jurisdiction, so this should be risk-free. But there is a fair chance that customs doesn't believe you and inspects your parcel regardless.

Customs Declared Limit Per Country

We found out this data by researching the laws for the following countries. This is not legal advice. All technical exemption limits assume the VAT for clothes. Keep in mind that you have to convert currencies to USD.

United Kingdom:
VAT Exemption < 18 GBP
Not charged < 7 GBP
Technical exemption limit < 35 GBP

EU (Germany):
VAT Exemption limit < 22€
Not charged < 5€
Technical Exemption < 26,30€

Which parcels does Customs seize?

Logic and experience tells a lot of customers that big and heavy parcels are more likely to be inspected. This is true to a certain extend. Most countries have laws that only allow parcels to be searched if there's profound suspicion that you'd have to pay tolls.

For example, a big parcel that has 5 items on the declared value sheet that add up to $20, one of them being shoes for $4 is a little suspicious. But there have also been users who shipped parcels weighing more than 10kg and successfully declaring them as $20. In the end it is always luck.

The Problem with Customs

The problem with customs isn't only that you'll have to pay tolls, the parcel also can't just be dropped off at your location. Depending on your personal circumstances this can be a big problem: You either have to receive it personally or go to a customs office to pay the tolls. Depending on whether you're always home to receive it and how far the customs station is away this is a big or small problem.

How to deal with customs

Faking invoices

We know that it is possible to alter invoices or the Superbuy order screen with inspect element. You can just overwrite values in the developer's menu. We are strictly against that. Especially using Photoshop gives you the extra risk of placing the text in the wrong spot. It is dangerous and unnecessarily complicated.

We advise against altering invoices, faking an invoice is illegal. You might get caught, because it's easy to miss one of the decimal delimiters (,/.), or to use a wrong currency conversion rate for the date on the invoice.

Sending a different invoices

In the old days you used to be able to send them any invoice with Chinese letters and it was fine, so you didn't even have to fake anything as long as you had an invoice at your disposal. To avoid trouble this would have to be less than 2 months old. An example for an invoice this worked very well with is an invoice for a top-up of $25. For lots of countries this might still work, and to be honest, it could very easily be an honest mistake because Superbuy doesn't make it clear what the invoices are actually for.

Because they caught on to this trick, some countries require you to additionally send a screenshot of the items you buy. We explain how to deal with this later in this guide.

No matter what you do, always save everything you send so you don't contradict yourself later down the line.

Customs Clearance Event

Seizure Level 1

This is the first step customs takes after deciding that your commercial invoice is not accepted. From our experience they will call you and give you an email address to send a proof of purchase to. This can be a Paypal invoice or credit card statement.

Do not try to send them the commercial invoice again. You can ask them whether they noticed it. If they did notice it, do not send it again. It doesn't hold any legal value and will only be used against you.

Seizure Level 2

Level 2 is when customs doubts your proof of purchase. We've only had Level 2 once, after we've send an invoice that wasn't altered but very old. They also complained that the proof of purchase only had 1 line, while the commercial invoice and the parcel had more than one item.

Customs asked for the whole content of the parcel and a screenshot of the Superbuy order screen that shows every single item. 

They were happy with screenshots from the agent's shopping orders page. If you want to go through with it without problems, your orders should match the paypal amount. But if you want to do some explaining they should understand if you tell them that the sender is a shopping agent and that they combine items from different oders and thus the amounts don't match.

Customs makes you pay customs toll fees

Don't worry if this happens, you should still be saving money. What's very important to know: This is not at all connected to any brand, trademark or copyright complaints.

Even if customs buys your customs declaration, you might still have to pay because their job is to tax you for the value of your import, not the actual items. So while they might believe you that you only paid $5 for a pair of jeans, they can say that jeans have a value of $25 in your destination country. Then you have to make a toy payment that's as high as if you were importing something worth $25.

Destruction of items

Don't be scared that your items could be destroyed. You might read stories about it every once in a while, but meanwhile you don't read about the 10,000 parcels that haven't been destroyed. Our community asks lots of questions about shipping, but we never heard of a case where a item got destroyed.

For your item to be destroyed, a copyright holder has to have an agreement with customs. Then the copyright holder has to determine whether it is authentic or not. You will get notified via mail and asked if you object the destruction. We recommend you don't reply and take the loss. There has not been a case we heard of where a copyright holder takes further steps and some sellers might even send you a replacement for free.

RepGuide #8 - Redeeming a Discount

Welcome to the advanced section of the RepGuide. Today we'll explain to you how you redeem discounts. They are usually exclusive, for instance from our newsletter, because otherwise the seller would just change the price on taobao. This will be a quick guide.

Open a Wegobuy / Superbuy Item

Use to find an item and open the find on wegobuy link. Then select the options such as size and color.

Edit the price

Click edit and type in the new price. Then select a modification reason. If negotiated, use negotiated with seller. If it's a general discount, such as a RepArchive discount select preferential discount.

Leave an order message

This message is transferred to the seller. Definitely leave your name, preferably also the way you contacted the seller if you negotiated the price. If it's a RepArchive discount write RepArchive. For instance, if we negotiated a discount on wechat, we would write "discount as negotiated on wechat @ reparchive".

The following procedure

The seller can approve or decline your purchase order. If they aren't sure who you are they might also ask  you again on WeChat or whatever you used to contact them. Pay attention to your means of communication and Superbuy mails to save time.

RepGuide #9 – Buying from Trusted Sellers

This guide will explain you how to find trusted Dealers, contact them and buy from trusted sellers via Superbuy Expert Service or wegobuy expert services from Taobao or Yupoo.

Finding Trusted Sellers

As for everything China related, RepArchive is your best bet.

We have a page dedicated to trusted sellers here. Just click one and read the description to find out where and what they sell.

We also have top stores here. These are so popular and so many people bought from them that you can assume that they are a good address.

The front page always features selected items that are good deals from trusted sellers**.**


Trusted Seller Yupoo

The trusted dealer links might send you to Yupoo. Yupoo is a widely used image collection, but sellers use it to present their products. Each product gets an album. You can browse category to better find items. You cannot order directly through Yupoo. You have to use your agent.

To place an order you have to know the price, of course. Some sellers designate the price in the name of the Yupoo album, for instance trusted seller Nina puts D100 to designate $100. In case they don't you have to ask them via WeChat, you can find the contact information on RepArchive.


WeChat is the most commonly used chat messenger app in china. Download it from the app store and register. Then add the trusted sellers and message them.

Buying via Superbuy/Wegobuy Expert Service

Wegobuy Expert Service

Buying via Superbuy Expert Service or Wegobuy Expert Service function identically. They are used for buying items that aren't on Taobao. The agent buys an item for you. This comes with a fee of 10%.

Next to the category field you should paste the link. In the description paste the link again and specify size and other things that the buyer has to know so he or she can order the right item.

1 yuan links, also called 1 rmb links or tokens, are placeholder toabao items that usually cost 1 rmb that can be adjusted to fit the price of any item you want to buy from the respective seller. This eliminates the need to use the expert service which costs time and money, so it's strongly suggested.

Most trusted sellers have 1 rmb links set up. Find on Wegobuy links in the RepArchive Trusted Dealers section are direct links to tokens. You can also ask the seller for a link to their token.  If the seller offers you to buy via token, do it.

Buying via a token works exactly as redeeming a discount (RepGuide #8). You just edit the quantity. Do not forget to specify which item exactly you want in the description (e.g. Yupoo Album Name).

RepGuide #10 - CnFashionbuy

CnFashionbuy (CNFB or CNF) or CnFashionpub (CNFP) are the link between trusted sellers and your agent because those sellers might not sell on Taobao. Since they aren't a public marketplace the sellers have to fulfill strict criteria. You don't have to sign up on CNFB, it is directly integrated in Superbuy. This takes away the hassle of talking to sellers. They mainly sell shoes, but recently expanded their clothing collection.

CnFashionbuy, CnFashionpub, what's the difference?

CNFB and CNFP are both "official" and function identically but feature different brands. Since CNFB was around first and CNFP is a temporary solution, both are fully integrated into RA, but refered to as CNFB for simplicity.

There's also, for luxury leather goods, mainly from darcy.

Advanced Search on RepArchive

cnfb search on reparchive

All CNFB items can be found here:

You can also search for item codes such as CNFB CP9652 on RepArchive to find Bred Yeezys.

You can also limit your search to certain seller by adding the name to the search queue.

Search for a size

RepArchive rolled out a new feature in 2018 to allow advanced search of CnFashionbuy Items. For instance, this feature solves the problem everyone had with CNFB that search results weren't available in their size. RepArchive solves this problem and saves you precious time.

You can now limit search results to shoes that fit you by searching for CNFB size 44 replace 44 with your European size (use a converter if you don't know your EU size).

Using RepArchive Search Results for CnFashionbuy items

Find cnfashionbuy items on reparchive

The search results show you the price of CnFashionbuy items. They also show the Seller@CNFB for easy identification. Clicking on Find on CNFB will not lead you to Wegobuy directly but to CNFB where you can buy the items.

Using CNFB for CNFB items

cnfashionbuy cnfashionpub

<table class=""><tbody><tr><td>CNFB also has a search function. It takes some getting used to because they do not have the real names and CNFB and CNFP cannot be both searched at the same time</td></tr></tbody></table>


CnFashionbuy yupoo album

At the bottom of every page you can usually find a link to a Yupoo album (we explained Yupoo in RepGuide #9). Use this to decide whether the item is right for you.

Choose a size

Before ordering you have to choose a size. There is usually a size chart in the description. Then you can click add to cart.

Placing your order

CnFashionbuy checkout

Go to your cart and proceed to check out. On the next page you'll have to select your agent. CnFashionbuy will then redirect you to your agent where you'll find your item waiting in your cart. Then you can proceed as we showed you in the very first RepGuide.

<table class=""><tbody><tr><td>Happy to help.<br><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank">Visit our Discord</a>&nbsp;to get help from the whole community.</td></tr></tbody></table> <table class=""><tbody><tr><td><strong><em>Disclaimer:</em></strong><em>&nbsp;</em><a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank"><em>Terms of conditions of CHWD</em></a><em>&nbsp;apply.&nbsp;Nothing contained in this guide/email or on our network shall be interpreted as advising you. Act responsible and obey the law.</em></td></tr></tbody></table>

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