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RepGuide #2 - Choosing and finding an item

Date: 3/6/2019

Often you'll find yourself in a position where you don't know if a deal is too good to be true. Here's how you can find taobao items and choose the best items. You also learn how to tell if the offer is as good as it seems and how to find reviews, pictures and more.

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In the top right corner of you can find the search bar. On mobile it's at the bottom of the menu.

It's the easiest place to find taobao items. Use very loose terms, such as {brand name} t-shirt. With our new brand policy you might have to search for "B*and", if the brands name was "brand", so you have to replace the second letter with a "*".

If that gives you too many results you can still narrow it down by adding the name of an item. It'll almost always be worth it to look at every single offer you're potentially interested in.

Register on Wegobuy + Receive Bonus

Taobao image search is a simple and effective too, after you've learned how to use it. Because there are a few things to be aware of.

First you have to go to the global taobao site, because not all taobao regional subsites support image search. If you open this could potentially be where you get right away, but in other cases you have to switch the region in the top left corner or go to

After you've opened the right website you have to search for something random from the homepage. On the search results page you can now see the camera icon in the search bar.

taobao search bar with image search camera icon

After you've clicked it you can upload a picture and perform the image search.

taobao image search results

You might have to scroll down quite a bit to find items with interesting prices.

If you can't do an image search because the camera icon is not showing, the reason is most likely that you are in the wrong subdomain and have to switch to global taobao.

Make sure your size and color is available

For this check out the store page on Taobao or Wegobuy.

We strongly recommend using the Find on Superbuy link, not because we get paid but because the Superbuy page has quicker loading times and taobao doesn't reliably change the configuration sometimes.

Read Reviews on RepArchive

The first stop should be looking at the reviews. You can easily see if an item has reviews by looking at the stars. Are there any bad reviews?

Inspect QC Pictures

Quality control pictures are very helpful to avoid fake reviews and forge your own opinion. They can be found on RepArchive items with a ? subtitle. You can click the + to extend it to full size and use the arrow keys to move around.

Search Reddit for the Item

reddit rep search

In the description you can find a button labeled Search for this item on Reddit. Click it to search reddit for the item through a google search.

This search functions is better than using the Reddit searchbar, because Reddit only searches titles and text bodys, not comments.

Last step

Choose an item and order it. If you missed how to do that read RepGuide #1.

Tomorrow we'll show you some quick translation tricks so you can browse Taobao or Superbuy like you never did before!

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