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Roadmap for - starting August 2018

Date: 7/27/2018

I know we didn't communicate a lot lately, and didn't publish anything. I've been tuning everything on the backend (even on my vacation) for our new huge projects!

I wanna use this chance to let you know that you can easily support us by using the 30$ coupon on the homepage. If you already have a Superbuy account creating a new one through our link would be much appreciated. This allows us to stay independent from sellers and show you products in fair and transparent competition. Far less than 1% of our visitors bring us any money. When we start making enough money I want to hire some of you guys to save me some time naming items, looking for reviews and adding pictures so I can work on more complex programming

The Past

Let's talk about the past first.

1 - We recently switched to dedicated hosting of the bots that keep that fill the page with the items and update them. It wasn't easy to do the switch from my computer, but now we have more performance, more up-time, faster updates and the ability do more things simultaneously. I can also check that everything is running from my phone which will improve the quality.

1 - Hot item comparisons

Every Saturday my mod team and I will post a blog post where we compare different versions of a hot item that's being talked about from different sellers. It will also include other opinions, all the pictures and all the facts. We hope we can find some community members to help us with different brands. This will give you a reason to keep visiting.

2 - Update ALL brand and item collections

This is to celebrate where we've come. It is about time I update the old collections like Supreme Accessories. The brands and shoes have received small updates along the way. Subscribe to r/Flexicas on Reddit, because this is where I will post when I'm done.

3 - New Spin-off Website!

I can't announce what niche we're conquering yet, it is smaller than fashion,but I think ???-Archive will do a great service for the community and will be appreciated very much. The tuned code is more variable so it allows me to work on 2 sites more easily. We will also experiment with more sources such as AliExpress and DhGate which could also be interesting for RepArchive

4 - Extend CnFashionbuy / CnFashionpub support!

I know I have been slacking on this and that I have announced this a long time ago. CnFashionbuy and it's clones aren't easy to work with and we have high ambitions with features such as up-to-date sizes on RA. This would allow you to search for a shoe and a size, for example "Ultra Boost size 45", and it would show you all the different colors. Note even on CNFB you can avoid clicking through every single one and if we can make it work, it'll make our site nicer to browse than CNFB itself, plus also show you different products just in case there are cheaper options.

5 - Quality > Quantity / More QC pictures and reviews!

I know this sounds like an easy thing to say, but this time our ambition is a definite goal. As I am writing this 10% of items have QC pictures available (this excludes CNFB items, all of which have QC pictures available, so the actual rate is higher) and 8% have reviews. I want to reach 20% QC pictures and 15% reviews before moving to the next step. Keep in mind that I can only add pictures of items that have been bought. Information on the product are easily the most important thing and having 1 product you can inspect makes you feel more confident to buy than 10 options you can't see.

6 - Darcy's Items

I've talked about it on twitter and I'll do it, but as I said I want to improve the quality of what we have before this

If you have any questions about anything it's easiest to talk to me on Discord.


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