It was brought to our attention that there are many replica items on our site. Of course we have to react to this shocking revelation, because we honor the rights of trademark owners.

Since adding new items to our site is completely automatic, the load is too big to check every item for authenticity. The links are also external, so content can change without us being notified, which makes it impossible to constantly check every link on our site. Frankly, we also don’t see it as our job, it’s the job of the shopping platform providers to keep their community in check and legal. But we help where we can.

Checking if an item is fake or authentic is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot simply look at the price, because of course the goal of every manufacturer of replicas is to sell it for the price of an authentic. Additionally, taobao, the main site we support is also a marketplace for used goods. So just because an item is cheap doesn’t mean it’s a replica, it could be a used retail as well.

Our approach is to add certified authentic retail items to the site. A handful for every brand, if possible.

We have good faith that our visitors that use our site to search Chinese marketplaces will choose these authentic items over replicas. We believe in the intelligence of our community, and that if the administrators find those retail items by looking for signed certificates in the shop offers, that our visitors will make educated choices and have an easier time dealing with the smaller number of items they are looking at.

This approach is most compatible with our principle of 0 censorship. We try to provide a search engine where you can find and compare everything you are looking for, and deleting content based on suspicion would be against those very principles.

Of course, if you are a trademark owner you can contact us and we will take down any content as soon as possible. We will do so happily, knowing we helped creative minds get the money they deserve.

We do actually step in where we can and where it’s possible to tell. We take down links to firearms, whether they are toys or retail, as soon as we see them. We also don’t think food has a place on our site. Most commonly we delete links to buy living animals, for ethical reasons. Sadly, it happens frequently that people submit links to buy pets or live pet food for fun and in a joking manner. Since we cannot be sure that everyone understands this, we take down the link before an animal starves in a warehouse.

We appreciate your support and would like to know how you think we can help.


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