The new link converter allows cross-converting links between any agent and marketplace from a simple website. The technology is shared the RepArchive Browser Extension for maximum stability.

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Link converters have been around for years. The most well known is It’s purpose is more link sanitzation than conversion, it was made at a time where mobile taobao links and world taobao links were a big problem, today we are facing different problems: more agents than ever, alternative marketplaces with Weidian and 1688, and shortened Pandabuy links.

Since I developed a very good link converter for the RepArchive Browser Extension, I thought I could reuse the stable code base to bring you a web based, easily available converter with extra benefits.

In a way, this is the RepArchive Browser Extension for the public web. Getting the extension is still highly suggested though, since it automatically converts links, but the downside is you need a desktop browser.


Shared with

  • sanitize taobao links, e.g. links.
  • convert agent links (limited) to taobao links

New Features

  • works with and
  • convert not only from an agent but also to any agent
  • works with all agents, including cssbuy, wegobuy, sugargoo and hagobuy (the other one only works for raw links, pandabuy and superbuy)
  • expands and converts shortened pandabuy links and shortened 1688 links
  • sanitize links to exclude affiliate links, trackers etc. – always the shortest link possible
  • share the conversion results with others, using the shortest form link available.



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