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RepGuide #11 –

Weidian is a new Chinese shopping site for C2C (Customer to Customer) purchases. It’s very liberal with item restrictions and low fees are passed down to the buyer. Learn how it works and how to order.

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What is

What’s the difference to Taobao?

Weidian is a modern site, designed with mobile-only in mind. There is no desktop version of the shopping section.

Weidian doesn’t seem to restrict reps. They can even keep their original name. Every seller has their WeChat linked. It also seems that it’s easier and cheaper for sellers to open and operate stores.

This lures in more scammers than taobao, since they have to leave a hefty deposit to open a taobao store. Other disadvantages are the missing desktop version, the limited search capabilities, no image search and that there aren’t as many tools developed.

Searching on Weidian

This is the search link:

The search is in Chinese. So use a translator or copy item names from Chinese localized websites.

Sometimes, the site doesn’t return any search results. If you can’t search on weidian directly, your best bet is searching the RepArchive index:

Contacting the Seller on WeChat

One feature of Weidian is the integration of WeChat for better communication with sellers. Clicking on any Shop will display that seller’s WeChat QR Code.

You can screenshot the QR Code, go to WeChat and click “Scan“. There you can load an item from your camera roll.

Translating Weidian to English or any other language

If you are wondering why your weidian is in Chinese, learn how to translate weidian.

How to buy from Weidian

You cannot buy from Weidian sellers directly and most sellers wouldn’t ship to Europe.

Use an Agent

You have to use an agent. You can read more about the role of an agent here. We recommend WEGOBUY, as a reliable, trustworthy and beginner-friendly agent. That’s why we chose to use WEGOBUY for this tutorial.

Register on Wegobuy + Receive a Welcome Bonus

Weidian Buying Tutorial

First, you have to copy the link from the weidian website.

After you logged in with your account on the wegobuy’s website you simply paste the link in the search field.

search for weidian items on wegobuy

Then you click “Buy for me”. This might take a few seconds.

Fill in Shopping Agent Order

buy weidian on wegobuy

Required Info:

  • Link: This should be automatically filled, it’s the link to the weidian item
  • Name: the name of the item is not required. It helps to specify the item type (e.g. “Shoes”)
  • Remark: Write the option from weidian. Make sure to include color and size. Make it simple for the agent!
  • Product Price: Copy this from the Weidian listing
  • Domestic Delivery Fee: Copy this from the Weidian listing from the freight field

This example above shows you where to look for the values.

find required fields on weidian
The noteworthy fields are marked in yellow

Finishing the Order

Simply add to cart or buy now. From there on it’s the same as any taobao agent purchase. If you are not familiar with the process you can follow the RepGuide from Step 4.

Good to know

Return Rate

When you look for Weidian in public forums or our discord, you’ll find that lots of people talk about the return rate. The name return rate on weidian is sort of misleading.

Return rate means how many customers come back to place a second order. It does not mean how many items are returned. This means that a higher return rate is better. When deciding between shops a high return rate is a very good sign.

A high return rate means that buyers were happy with their order and came back to buy more. A low return rate means they did not come back for another order. Obviously, a low return rate is not as bad when you are shopping for expensive items, since it’s less likely that customers buy multiple expensive items from the same shop.

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