The fact that most store pages are in Chinese is what keeps lots of people from saving money by buying from China. Today we’ll show you a very simple trick to translate Chinese pages. This works to translate Weidian or Yupoo, as well as of course taobao. It’s a lot better when you have the translation.

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Translate with Google Chrome

Taobao Translate Google Chrome

Google Chrome has an automated translation function. Simply right-click and click Translate to English (or whatever your browser language is).

This works really reliable for Weidian and Taobao.

There is only one problem with this: It only translates text elements. The content of pictures such as what you see in the picture above cannot be translated with the Chrome translation function. But there is a way to do this, just keep reading.

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Get the Google Translate App

Yes, you should have 2 devices for this: Ideally a computer to browse and your phone to translate. Optionally you can take a screenshot with your phone. The app can be found on any app store or google play store and is free.

Set Translate to Chinese – Your Language

Taobao Translate with Google Translate App

Next click the camera button. Simply point the Camera at your Screen. The app will automatically translate what’s on your screen. Moving it around will give you different suggestions. There’s no reason to actually press the shutter and take a picture, just keep pointing until you have it figured out.

Translate from a screenshot

If you want to get a taobao/weidian translation from a screenshot, you have to click import on the camera screen and highlight the text to see your translation.

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