As the economy continues to become more global, major fashion companies are honing their worldwide sales and marketing efforts so that a unified message comes across, and reps are a big part of that effort.

We will analyze how people from different country buy counterfeit goods, and to examine the quality.

United States & Canada

Many customers in the United States & Canada buy reps from Chinese online-markets like Taobao, Weidian,, JD, Youpoo stores, WeChat stores. As many of these online-markets don’t directly ship to United States people use so called “Chinese agents” they provide delivery and purchase services for the stores mentioned above. The price ranges for the reps from these sites are relatively okay. The other part of the people that buy reps, use apps & sites like VOVA; Wish; Joom; Aliexpress; DhGate, such markets are looked bad since they have a poor reputation in the replica community. Many of the English replica youtubers like Cedaz and Tripping promote such Chinese markets. There are a few people that promote sites like AliExpress. People that buy from these markets provide their reviews, finds on items found on the markets on popular Reddit pages like CoutureReps, Flexicas, DesignerReps.


People in Europe buy from the same Chinese markets as the American and Canadian customers, many of the European costumers prefer to use AliExpress, Vova, Dhgate. Buying reps from AliExpress gives costumers a smaller risk of their products to get seized. Because of the high prices that the agents offer, many people get discouraged and buy from sites mentioned above. The quality of reps on such sites is quite similar to the quality of products from Taobao, etc, because some sellers that sell on Taobao have shops registered on AliExpress. The price of products from AliExpress is cheaper from Taobao sometimes, the quality of products is 1:1 depending on the store that the product is sold on.


Many of the Russian customers use Aliexpress, Joom, Wish, DhGate, to buy their reps. Aliexpress is one of the largest online markets in Russia. They have programs targeted directly at Russian customers, that are different from the European or American store front. The quality of the products can be just as good as reps from taobao. Chinese agents aren’t such popular there since there are communities that buy and review Aliexpress reps and they recommend Aliexpress. There are big youtuber names in the replica community like CHINA ZERGUD, unlike American they use is like a Russian Facebook, where they submit finds they found on Dhgate, aliexpress and so on their page.

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