This post is intentionally kept short to quickly get you started, keeping it as simple as possible.

Choose an agent

Agents are the link between Chinese sellers and you. You can order an item from Taobao or Weidian through them, they store it, take pictures and send it to you.

There are 20+ agents to choose from, but we will reduce it to the 2 that are the best in what you might be looking for: Quality and price.


Wegobuy is the market leader, and has been so since 2019 when it entered the market as the successor to Superbuy.

They are holding this position for a reason:

  • Quality service with experience
  • high integrity
  • quick handling

You won’t hear stories of Wegobuy messing up, because they have a highly automated facility and a premium market leader reputation to lose.

Choose Wegobuy for a worry-free experience and a reliable website. They’re known to keep their word and understand customers

Welcome Wegobuy Agent Coupon

Wegobuy* is definitely our favorite agent and you won’t regret choosing them. Trying to cut corners and choose a cheap agent will come back and hurt you. Time and time again this was proven to be true.


Sugargoo is quickly becoming the 2nd mover in the market, thanks to their aggressive price strategy

  • cheap services like QC pics
  • competitive mentality

Sugargoo is a little sneakier with the ways they profit from you. You’ll find out that the price difference isn’t that big in the end. But every now and then they make a bold move to lower the prices that pressures other’s into following suit.

Sugargoo is the right choice for you if your priority is saving a few extra bucks.

Sugargoo Agent Sign-Up
Register on Sugargoo + Receive a Welcome Bonus*. Click the banner to get started! You also help us stay free

Find items

RepArchive offers many ways to find items here are a few

  1. Use the main archive: search thousands of items with the help of filters
  2. Purchase a community favorite: The critically acclaimed list we linked is a good place to start, the collections menu holds other lists as well. For 90% of first time customers this should be all they need!
  3. RepArchive Live Feed: See what others are buying live, with pictures and prices

RepArchive is automatically sorted by sales to show you more relevant items first.

About Subreddits

We have a couple subreddits on our own, but if you are starting out they are not what you’re looking for.

If you open reddit at any given time, 30% of what you see will be (hidden) ads, 30% have never been bought before and 30% will be unrelated. Only 10% are items worth buying. If you open the critically acclaimed list for comparison, every single item is more than worth it, based on numerous reviews.

I’ve chosen an agent, found some items, how do I start buying?

It’s actually quite intuitive and you don’t need a long guide.

  1. You click the “Find on Wegobuy” or “Find on Sugargoo” Link here on RepArchive or paste the taobao link on the agent’s page.
  2. You choose size/color and add to cart.
  3. Once you are done you pay for your items.
  4. You wait for the items to get to your warehouse
  5. you inspect the pictures and
  6. if they check out you submit them for international shipping.
  7. That’s it!

Join the discord for any questions you have left.

If you need more help we have a quick guide and a multi-chapter detailed RepGuide.

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