Upon request, Sugargoo gave us a preview on their press release regarding the VAT changes coming up on July 1st for European customers.

Please keep in mind that this is not final.

Press Release

In fact, the Sugargoo Logistics team is already looking at and has preliminary plans for VAT policy changes in EU countries after July 1, 2021.10. First of all, you need to understand that Sugargoo is not a seller of goods platform, nor is it a terminal logistics company, but a purchasing and shipping agent.
Meanwhile, regarding your questions about VAT payment, we offer the following solutions:

Payment Service:
(1) It is understood that commercial express can basically provide destination payment service, and then charge service fees to the recipient;
② For the logistics lines that cannot provide payment service, it can be completed by the recipient’s own payment. It is suggested that the user prepare the VAT tax number in advance

SUGARGOO services:
① In response to the policy changes, Sugargoo will introduce logistics carriers that provide easy operation to provide a more efficient service
② Sugargoo will weigh the registration of IOSS and the services it provides based on policy requirements and its business model
Finally, please rest assured that Sugargoo pays close attention to international information and plans accordingly to ensure a normal service experience for you!

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