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Sugargoo is a new agent that’s here to stay – low pricing, $0 service fee, free QC pics, full taobao and weidian compatibility, active communication and irresistible discounts.

Learn everything about the new agent, how it works, and get the exclusive discounts from RepArchive, higher than everywhere else.

Table of Contents

  1. Signing Up on Sugargoo
    1. Exclusive RepArchive Discount
  2. Video Guide
  3. Ordering on Sugargoo
    1. Currency Management
  4. Finalizing your Order
    1. Payment
  5. International Shipping
  6. Sugargoo vs other Agent – RepArchive Opinion

Signing Up on Sugargoo

Use the button above to sign up on Sugargoo. Signing up is easy.

Sugargoo Sign Up

All you have to do is choose a username, type in your email and password. The password does not have to meet strict criteria, but I would recommend choosing a save and unique password.

The captcha code verification on Sugargoo is unique and different, so read carefully. It’s sent to the email address that you typed in on the page, before it’s locked in or you hit sign up. So fill out the fields exactly in order. Then hit “Send the verification code” and you will get a 4 digit code from Type in that code and check to box to finish signing up.

Attention: Sometimes it will say “fail in send”. If that happens give it a few minutes to deliver. Do not spam the send button. After a few minutes reload the page and try again.

Exclusive RepArchive Discount

RepArchive has negotiated an exclusive discount, that’s unique to users coming from RepArchive. It’s higher than everyone else’s, so make sure you and your friends use it.

The discount is the normal ¥280 for new users plus additional ¥30.

Information about the 280 yuan coupon and it’s activation can be found on your user account page. It’s split in 9 coupons of different size, with no expiry date, you just have to put in the code you want to use.

The quantity of the RepArchive exclusive is limited to 500 users every month, so get it while you can. Also, it is delivered manually via email, so keep an eye on your emails and give them some time.

If the ¥30 coupon doesn’t get delivered automatically you can also redeem the code “BSPDsJqm” on the coupon activation page.

We will also make a coupon code available soon, for you to enter without having to use our link.

Video Guide

The video is highly editted and only ~1 minute long, to save you your precious time and get straight to the point.

Ordering on Sugargoo

Ordering on Sugargoo is very similar to Wegobuy and other agents. We have produced many guides, such as the RepGuide, that are fairly universally applicable, so we won’t go into detail here.

There’s 2 ways to open your item on Sugargoo:

  1. You can click the “Find on Sugargoo” button on any RepArchive Taobao item
  2. If you already have a taobao or tmall link you can paste it in the search bar at the top of the page
  3. Alternatively you can order from Weidian or Yupoo under the Looking for Goods Link (this page also works for, Xianyue)

Opening an item will produce the screenshot below.

Sugargoo item screen

You can now choose the item’s size and color options, as well as the quantity. After choosing you can buy the item through buy now, or add more items to your shopping cart before finalizing your order.

Currency Management

In the top left corner, Sugargoo has the currency manager. It allows you to switch between USD and CNY, to buy the item in different currencies.

At the moment (August 12, 2020) you get ¥6.67 for every US dollar. Since Sugargoo doesn’t update it in real time according to the market price, this can be better or worse compared to the current market price.

As with every currency exchange, someone wants to make money and Sugargoo is no different. In order to minimize your loss in transactions, we strongly recommend using TransferWise. We have written a whole blog post about it here.

Currency exchange is an easy place to lose or save lots of money, so we will produce more detailed posts after we’ve experienced and analyzed more.

Finalizing your order

After adding the item to your cart and confirming which items you want to buy, you will be lead to the screen you can see below.

Finalizing your sugargoo order

Sugargoo comes with 5 free QC pics. These are taken from a perspective that the agent thinks will provide you with the best impression to decide whether you want to keep the item.

Personalized photographs are additionally purchase QC pics, for which you get to choose the angle and the spot. This is useful for capturing minute details, like the stitching in an important spot.

Inspection in original package means that Sugargoo will open as many layers of packaging as possible, for free, to show you the best pictures and do a quality inspection. Depending on your type of item you might want this. For instance for electronics, this will be more likely to cause harm than good, but for shoes you should definitely tick this box.

Comprehensive Domestic Shipping Fee is shipping from the Taobao seller to the agent warehouse. If you buy multiple products from the same seller you only have to pay it once of course.

Authorization to deduct money for increased price by checking this you allow the agent to deduct money from your account balance if the product ends up costing more. This might be the case because of changing exchange rates or because the shipping fee wasn’t correctly displayed in the first place. The advantage is that the agent doesn’t have to check back with you in those cases which saves time for everyone involved.


Payment is the last step before the agent can order for you.

Sugargoo offers a handful of payment options, such as PayPal, AliPay and WeChat Pay. Only the first is usable for westerners under normal circumstances.

Once you finished the payment, the next available agent will order your item for you.

International Shipping

Due to them just entering the market we cannot test international shipping yet. But we assume it’s the same process as other agents. Put in your address, choose a shipping service and get value added service, such as extra wrapping. You should also be able to fill out a customs declaration.

Sugargoo promises 3 free pictures of your parcel, something no other agent does.

Sugargoo vs other Agents – RepArchive Opinion

Competition always revives the market. We are happy about any competition, and of course we are also happy to feature it on RepArchive.

Whether Sugargoo actually is as cheap as promised has to be found out by the users who already placed orders. There was an official announcement of supposed shipping prices, door to door, but we are too skeptical to just believe it. The current fluctuation in shipping prices makes it too easy to get away with false statements, so we need a large sum of testers to find out the truth.

Agents tend to make their money through hidden fees, whether it’s currency exchange rates, service fees or transaction fees. We don’t fully know the catch with Sugargoo yet, but they must make money somehow.

Wegobuy takes a bigger cut than other agents, that much is probably true. But they can do so because in return they have great customer service and take great care of your products. Other agents are known to get a parcel mixed up every now and then and send it to the wrong location. A big inconvenience for the customer, which has never been reported with Wegobuy. This isn’t about wegobuy, but if Sugargoo is to be a valid option for customers that have enough money to afford shipping that isn’t a gamble, Sugargoo can’t afford to mess this up.

Other agents lack in the technical department. The sites are slow, the payment gates don’t work and make paying inconvenient and the site is hard to navigate. Sugargoo seems well equipped on this end, their initial speed problems are fixed. But that being said, they only feature one payment method so far.

If the question is whether they are legit and not just collecting our money and running with it, I think the answer is definitely yes. Some users already saw their items and their preparation before the launch is too extensive for a scam.

We are trying not to get too excited with Sugargoo. 8 free pictures, no service fee and no Weidian/Yupoo fee seem almost to great to be true. Either they save personnel cost by only allowing very low handling times (which will hurt us in the customer service department), or we will come across hidden fees somewhere. Or the other agents are really tricking us, and a service can be cheap and good at the same time.


Of course this is for educational purposes only. We do not endorse Do not interpret this page as advising you.

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