I tried Ufobuy and it was a horrible experience. Watch the video or read to find out what they did wrong.

Here’s what the did and why we will no longer list them on our site (this decision was already made in December 2022, I just now got the chance to make the video).

Reason they are banned

  1. buggy website / technology
  2. shipping charged for each item from the same seller
  3. “back payments”, a form of service fees that you have to pay after already paying for the items and domestic shipping.
    • these fees are not described, or mentioned anywhere
    • in my case it was a 72% fee!
    • Sugargoo and Cssbuy have 5% and 6% service fees, the rest of the popular agents 0%.
      So 72% is really high, and the fact that they are hiding it and letting you invest first doesn’t make it better.
  4. only one qc pic per item, and it’s not even good
  5. their business model
  6. Shipping costs were >3x the estimates (basis for the shipping calculator), including them is lying to ourselves
  7. Slow: It took more than 2 weeks to even get a chance to send the items
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