Just a few weeks after the launch we’re releasing the first main version update that brings support for another agent and cosmetic changes.

Release Notes

  • Affiliate Program (more info below)
  • CityGoBuy Support for both Weidian and Taobao
  • Tool tips for agent buttons (hover)
  • Improved spacing for the agent buttons

More information

The added spacing and tooltips makes it easier, especially for new users, to go to the right agent. Adding a 5th agent shows how independent we are and how we give all agents a chance.

Affiliate Program

A user recently commented in one of our surveys, that RepArchive’s offers of services and features is more than good enough, and that we should focus on promoting what we have instead of developing new stuff.

Luckily, this coincides with the development of this new affiliate feature. Essentially, it allows content creators, or anyone who wants to, to completely replace all affiliate links on RepArchive TOP/LIVE with their own. You can set it up yourself in less than a minute, there’s no approval process, it’s anonymous and the payout is through your channels, no extra bureaucracy.

This is an extremely generous offer, if you ask me. Or do you know any other site that depends on affiliates that is willing to pass on 100% of it’s profits to it’s own affiliates? This basically means that anyone can use the site I developed as their own product, to their benefit, without doing any of the development or paying any of the bills.

How it works:

We have the following URL parameters:


wgb=wegobuy, sb=superbuy, sg=sugargoo, css=cssbuy, cgb=citygobuy.

By putting these in the URL you share, you replace the affiliate links. In my example (for Wegobuy and Sugargoo), it would look like this:


If you want you can replace all of them! You can easily verify that it worked by clicking the link. To show you that there’s no catch, I even made it so your first affiliate links sticks even if you go to another subpage!

Why are we doing this?

As that fan suggested, we want the word about this new site to get out. I think it’s by far the best Taobao/Weidian utility available and should have lots more users.

There’s also still a chance for me to profit from this if a user takes a look around RepArchive, even if the chance is low. The way I see it, a 1% chance to profit from a new user is still better than a 0% chance to profit from a user that never discovers the site!

A few more thoughts

We can’t guarantee that this deal will be available forever, I have to see how it turns out, but I can promise that it will be available for at least a couple months.

It would also be cool if you get in touch (on discord for instance) if you use this, I can see in the analytics how well you do, and if you do very well I can offer more ways to cooperate.


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