The Weidian seller Meat Pigeon caught my eye through a YouTube video. I took a look at the store and saw many interesting things, from the Patagonia Trout Fishing Hat, to hype items. This store seems to have everything. Usually that’s a sign for cheap resellers, but Meat Pigeon has a tier system that makes it clear whether it’s 1:1 or budget batch. It’s interesting and honest, it should be an inspiration to other sellers, that’s why we talk about it.

Meat Pigeon’s Items on RepArchive

More items will be added automatically in the near future.

Meat Pigeon on Weidian

Browsing big Weidian stores like this one can be tiresome, especially on Desktop. You cannot open items in new tabs, so after opening an item you always have to go back, scroll down and wait for everything to load again. That’s why we are trying to list the items on RepArchive.

Meat Pigeon also goes by Meat Pigeon Big Set.

You might notice that his store seems to be targeted towards Chinese customers. Some community members feel like westerners get charged extra, and that we only know the tip of the iceberg, that they want us to know, and the rest is secret Chinese stores where you get the real deals.

Meat Pigeon Contact Info

Meat Pigeon Batches

MP makes it absolutely clear that quality comes at a price. You can’t expect the best materials for 20 yuan. But there’s always compromises that can be made. That’s why they offer a wide range of quality choices.

You cannot say that 1:1 items are better than budget items. It depends on your need, what type of customer you are and of course it’s different from item to item.

The batch tag should be at the beginning of every item listing in Meat Pigeon’s Weidian store, and at the end of every RepArchive listing.

Tier 0 [T0]

Tier 0 is described as best on the market. T0 batches are supposed to be 1:1, high quality items. They will be more expensive because they try to get really close to the original quality

For T0 they also pay attention to the packaging if you leave a remark asking for it. Otherwise MP will just send it in simple packaging. Keep in mind that simple packaging is cheaper to ship in almost all cases. So only get the 1:1 packing material if you really care.

Tier 1 [T1]

Tier 1 is really close to T0 in terms of quality, but doing only what makes sense economically.

In reality this probably makes the most sense. The quality and looks difference should be small, but the price much lower. This is for fans of the Pareto principle (80/20 rule).

These items are described by the owner as being for daily wear.

Tier 2 [T2]

Tier 2 are budget batches. Here it’s the priority to offer the items for an affordable price.

Budget batches are very popular with the community. Some people like them to just try out a fit before buying retail, other’s simply don’t care about details, some others run down the numbers and come to the realization that only budget batches are worth getting from China.

Tier 3 [T3] + Tier 4 [T4]

Tier 3 and 4 are mentioned at some placecs in the store, but we cannot find any items from this tier, so it doesn’t seem like it exists in reality yet.

It can only be assumed that T3 and T4 are super low budget batches.

What do you think?

Do you think that he is being honest and upfront with his tiers? Or does he put cheap and profitable items in T0 to sell more?

We shouldn’t have to tell you that you should double check everything and not just take Pigeon’s word for it.


This is not a sponsored post. We have never talked to Meat Pigeon. We just thought the tier system is very interesting, honest and a great idea.

If you want to reach out to Meat Pigeon to complain about his store listings you can do so with the help of Weidian. A WeChat link should be on the store page.

All items are sold by Meat Pigeon. Only Meat Pigeon is responsible for the content of their store and the items they sell. RepArchive is not responsible for any items sold on Weidian. We do not profit from the sale of those items. Nothing contained in this guide shall be interpreted as advising you

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