Ever since Weidian launched, one of the biggest problem was that you had to manually fill out expert shopping order sheets with your agent. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore, some agents now natively support Weidian.com.

We made a video where we paste a Weidian link on each agents page and see what happens. You can watch the video on our tiktok here.


Only 2 out of the top 7 agents have native weidian support. Much better than manually entering it. ##reparchive ##repfam ##weidian ##agents ##repguide

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How important is this feature

As mentioned before, this makes buying from Weidian so much easier. You save yourself a lot of time, but maybe even more important, you can’t mess up. For instance it’s easy to enter the wrong domestic shipping fee, after which the agent will say they won’t do anything until you pay the rest. You’ll have to pay the fixed transaction fee twice, and if you miss the notification you can wait forever for your items to arrive at the warehouse.

Whether the agent has native Weidian integration or not, you should definitely read our guide on how to order from Weidian in order to avoid mistakes.

But don’t forget that this does not look at the service fee you might or might not have to pay, we have other price comparisons that include this.


The experiment goes to show that only two agents natively support Weidian.com: Superbuy.com and Ytaopal.

If someone was to be the first to have this feature it would have to be Superbuy, and I’m glad they have it. Superbuy has always been a leader. During the experiment I found out that you had to be logged in in order to use Superbuy’s Weidian integration. I already messaged Superbuy about this and they will investigate the issue and fix it.

Ytaopal is a surprise, since their site usually isn’t an example for advanced technology, so as a result I’m even happier they have it.

This also goes to show that Superbuy and Wegobuy went into different directions after the launch of the latter, because Wegobuy doesn’t have this technology. We can only hope that they add it soon, as it is the most commonly used agent in our community.

Regarding the other agents, Sugargoo, Cssbuy, CityGoBuy and Basetao we can only speculate. I have no idea when Superbuy and Ytaopal launched this, so I don’t know how far behind they are.

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