In some cases it’s advantageous to browse The servers of the taobao world page are located outside of China, so one of the reason you might want to use it is lower latency and quicker browsing. The main reason for this page’s existence are the direct link samples.

Homepage Link: Item Link:

You can replace the number in the taobao world item link with any other item ID to get to other item pages.

Finding the starting point can be hard, that’s why were providing this post for you.

How to switch between and China Mainland

The front page has an option to switch between different versions of taobao in the top left corner. To get to you’ll have to choose “global“. The choice you make will be what opens when you go to

Sometimes the switch fails, so it’s generally easier to use the direct links provided above.

Welcome Wegobuy Agent Coupon

Using Wegobuy and pasting either a Global or China Mainland or any other form of taobao links will get you a reliable page where you can buy right away.

Reasons to use

The global site has servers outside of China, so it loads quicker. The way and order in which page elements load is also different, so there’s a chance if you have loading errors this might fix it.

Reason to use China Mainland

Global Taobao links sometimes have a chance to not work for the recipient when you share them. Also tools like the QC Suite only work for the China Mainland page.

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