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WeChat: 13055310113, Z15160278929, 15160278929
Yupoo: jinlaifu888.x.yupoo.com/albums

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Jin Laifu operates a Yupoo shop.
Specializes in: Sneakers
How to Order: Use Yupoo to browse the seller’s catalog and find items you want to buy. You can buy the item directly, but usually it’s recommended to add the seller on WeChat to clarify that it is avaiable and in stock in your size. Just tell them what items you want to buy. All agents require Yupoo items have to be bought through the expert shopping service, that means you have to fill in the information yourself. Use the taobot.io guide for help. Consider using an agent discount link from this page to get coupons and to support us. If an item has a preferential discount, you can modify the price to substract the discount and reference Reparchive Discount in the comment field.

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Jin Laifu

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