Terms and Conditions

§1 Reparchive.com

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(1) We are NOT a business website. We neither seller nor buy goods.

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(4) Reparchive is an automated collection of links. The purpose is a the organized collection of links, pictures and comments.


§2 Copyright and liability

(1) Please refer to our DMCA page (http://reparchive.com/index.php/more-info/dmca/)

(2) By submitting an image you permit us the use of that image

(3) Fair use permits the use of your images (from reddit.com for example) for reviews on our website without further notice. If you find your review pictures and do not want them published here send us a mail to teamreparchive@gmail.com and we will take it down immediately.

(4) In our discretion we still ask for permission for all images used for reviews

(5) In the past scammers tried to abuse the review function to share malware links. We are not liable for any damages from clicking those links. We do our best to remove those comments.


§4 Accuracy of information

(1) Although we try our best, we cannot guarantee up-to-date information

(2) This includes prices, availability and links.


§5 Sources of information

(1) Information is found on public web pages

(2) We try to credit the finders everywhere, but sometimes the secondary source does not mention the original source


§6 Giveaways and promotions

(1) Giveaways are voluntary

(2) Giveaways can be taken down or changed at any time

(3) Items are “as is”. This means there is no replacement if the item is damaged or a replica. Please ask before participating.

(4) Any complications during the shipping process are to be solved by the new owner of the item, not RepArchive.

(5) We ask all participants to only participate if they want the item and it fits them.

(6) Giveaway items only delivered while stock lasts. An online giveaway advertisement does not guarantee that there are still items in stock.

(7) Administrators and/or moderators are excluded from participating in giveaways.


§7 Professional Reviews

(1) By submitting a professional review you become a “submitter”

(2) By agreeing to our terms as a submitter you allow us to download and publish your pictures and quotes/reviews on reparchive.com or any promotional networks.

(3) Alone the submitter is responsible for having the rights to use the pictures.

(4) Payment is a voluntary project to benefit community efforts. It is not a legally binding commitment.

(6) Paypal e-mail has to match the submission e-mail to prevent spam

(7) We reserve the right to ban accounts from payments due to violation of our terms.

(8) Reasons for a permanent ban include but are not limited to: Attempted injection of spam/malware, links (other than imgur.com), plagiarism, identity fraud

(9) By removing the Reparchive tags from the reddit generated code, you forfeit any bonuses on that review.

(10) Payment is amount subject to change. To prevent abuse we do not have to open our calculation methods.

(11) Depending on availability, we reserve the right to limit payment methods such as “Superbuy Coupons”.

(12) Visitors will be counted for 48 hours starting at 12:01AM (GMT) the day after submitting the review.

(13) Payout threshold is USD$5.

(14) We do not review all reviews and apologize in advance for any spam of low quality reviews. Note §2.5.


§8 Your Information

(1) When submitting a comment you have to enter a name and an email-address

(2) The entered name is publicly visible, the e-mail address and the IP your comment are submitted from are stored on our server

(3) If payments occur for any matter we will not publish your payment information, private address or any other information. We expect you to do the same for our information.


§9 Google Analytics

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