What can you do now?

As we explained in the long blog post and on YouTube, we are working on new ways to make our database and item information available to you.

In the meantime you should do the following:

Sign Up on Wegobuy or Sugargoo through us.

Wegobuy is our clear choice, because we want competent, worry-free handling of our items. If you are mainly out for the best price, try Sugargoo.

You can only do this during your initial sign-up, and you can only support one content creator, that’s why it’s so important to me. By signing up through us you are casting a vote for transparency and revolutionary technology. Thank you.

Replace the ?a in the URL of this page to query it on an agent’s website (outside of our influence)
?wgb for Wegobuy
?sb for Superbuy
?sg for Sugargoo
?css for Cssbuy

Try to find the item you are looking for on reddit

Read/watch the full story

We know you will find lots of dead links on reddit, but there will be better alternatives provided by us in the future.

RepArchive Deleting All Items Tomorrow
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