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2224#NK new embroidered plush thick crewneck sweatshirt

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Sales Statistics

First sale: Oct 8, 2021
Latest sale: Dec 11, 2023
Total sales: 1459

Price History

Spreadsheet Mentions

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Bunch Of Nike Embroidered SweatersSayo's SpreadsheetShit runs hella small, size up twice or even thrice. Goes hard tho, worth the price, comes in thick and nice quality. 9/10
Nike Hoodie (different colours)Ryan's Replica List
Nike Crewneck (multiple colors)Nick's Replica List
NIKE VINTAGE CREWNECKSRepMania's Replica Spreadsheet
Nike vintage sweatshirt size up 1-2Sayo rep finds
Vintage Nike SweaterPandaTD Spreadsheet11 Colorways
Vintage Nike SweatersYAOO's Pandabuy Spreadsheet
Nike crewneckyvescreed ultimate spreadsheetsizing issue plus sleeve short too
Nike Vintage CrewAthens Replica Finds ListSIZE UP 2X (I refunded TTS)
Cheap Nike SweaterSwish's Replica List
shirt@zertz_ Replica Spreadsheet
Nike Vintage SweaterPandasFind for PC❗ DON'T GO TTS GO AT LEAST UP BY 1 SIZE ❗
Nike crewneckVarix's spreadsheet
nike vintage9nemfs spreadsheet
VINTAGE Nike sweatshirtPandabuy Professor Spreadsheet
Nike sweaterBest pandabuy finds
Nike SweatshirtDidier Pandabuy Spreadsheet
Nike SweaterXYR'S SPREADSHEET11 Colorways
NIKE CREWNECKJHKiccs Rep Spreadsheet
Vintage Nike CrewneckRepGods Spreadsheet
VINTAGE Nike sweatshirtPandabuy Professor Spreadsheet
Nike sweatshirtMHS.Oliver.rps X PandaBuy warrior rep finds spreadsheet
Nike sweatshirtMHS.Oliver.rps X PandaBuy warrior rep finds spreadsheet
Nike Vintage SweatersEmiL's Spreadsheet
Nike HoodieNew Xaix Spreadsheet
Vintage Nike crewneckPandaBuy Rada SpreadsheetTicks a bit off size up once or twice
Nike sweater (size up twice)Blank Random Finds List
Vintage Nike Crewneckspatrikkccc's rep listAsian Sizing. Size U as much as you can
Nike CrewneckAndrew's Spreadsheet
Nike Embroidered SweaterTriton.reps Spreadsheet
Nike HoodieJay's Rep Sheet
Nike HoodieJay's Rep Sheet
Vintage Nike SweatshirtTaylor's Rep SheetSize up 2x, Sleeves run small (Multiple Colors)
Nike Vintage SweaterMelbourne Panda
Nike Sweater (5+ Colors)ThatboiEC spreadsheetSize Up!!
Nike SweaterClothing Spreadsheet by Candor11 Colorways
Nike Crewneck (multiple colors)LucasRepKing
Nike SweaterPANDABROS | PC Spreadsheet11 Colorways
Nike HoodieLiam's Rep Sheet
Nike Text Crewneck 2LazyPython's Updated Finds60 batch
Nike SweaterRepzilla's Mega List
NIKE SWEATER BROWNJoshua's Spreadsheet
Vintage Nike crewneckPandabuy_Scoops Spreadsheet
Nike CrewnecksReplica Spreadsheet (CASPER)
Vintage Nike crewneckPandaPlug SpreadsheetTicks a bit off size up once or twice
Nike SweaterKingRepz Ultimate Spreadsheet
NIKE VINTAGE SWEATERJoshua's Spreadsheet
Nike Vintage CrewneckWHYDNA Budget (under $50)
Nike Crewneck (4 Colors Now!)LazyPython's Updated Findsclassic, more colors now, short on sleeves so size up!
Nike SweaterPandabuyChampion Spreadsheet
Nike Embroidered SweaterPandaReps Spreadsheet
Nike Embroidered SweaterIcy Sheet
Nike Vintage CrewneckIcy Sheet
Vintage Nike CrewneckWrepfam's Spreadsheet v212 Colorways
Nike Vintage Sweatshirt (every colour)Pandabuy Spreadsheet
Nike Embroidered Sweater [10+]PopPanda
nike sweaterKitchenDesk2686 Pandabuy Spreadsheet
Nike SweaterClothing Spreadsheet by Moha
Nike Vintage CrewneckIcy Sheet
Nike Crewneck (multiple colors)repsf1nd X Hagobuy spreadsheet
Nike SweaterWreps Spreadsheet
Nike Vintage CrewBeverlyFinds Pandabuy Spreadsheet8/10

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