We get a lot of business inquiries. And it is in our interest to accelerate the growth of this site via more connections. To simplify the process these are some of the most common partnerships I get asked about. Of course we can have seperate agreements, so feel free to message me with anything. Please send all business inquiries to or talk to @bthundergun on our discord.

Affiliates / Influencers / YouTubers

This is one where I pay you. The simplest way to construct your content/video to promote reparchive is to tell your viewers that you found the items on RepArchive doesn’t have to be the focus of the video


  • Popular with viewers. People love the site and the preroll ad we supply. This doesn’t make you seem like a sellout
  • pay-per-click
  • Traffic from any source; attractive for small channels
  • Very simple system
  • No interference with your creative process
  • We have a cool custom designed preroll ad you can include. You can view and download the mp4 file here:
  • Transparent payout with automatic 3rd party collected visitor numbers


  1. Message me to clarify the payment details (specified below). Please also include your channel.
  2. After we agree, produce your content and publish it
  3. Attach your affiliate extension for any RepArchive links, for example
  4. Claim your payment after 14 days and produce the next video

More Details:

  • Only individual new users count as clicks. This is to prevent bot abuse.
  • Payment amount is calculated by a secret algorithm and is based on how much a click is worth to us. So it changes every day and you can profit from the growth you generate
  • Payout method is Paypal
  • We can arrange multiple payments for videos that are popular over extended periods of time.
  • Sharing the plain affiliate link on is not allowed.
  •  It is in our own discretion to cancel the deal at any time, for example in the case of negative representation of



Note: We condemn dishonest resellers. Note 2: The Data provided is anoymous as described in our privacy policy.
Just send us a business inquiry (address above) and we can get you started within minutes.

Data Analysis:

Increase your sales and decrease your dead stock! We  provide you with real user statistics for you to see what sells on the market. And all of this at a very cheap price.

Huge Data base with a heterogeneous, representative visitor base (new people and veterans alike)

  • Daily/Weekly insights
  • Option A: Most viewed items, most items that encouraged visiting on Superbuy and potentially buying. (10$/month)
  • Option B: Most searched terms (10$/3 months)
  • Option C: Country ranking – find out if your country is interested in our products (10$ / 3 months)

Get 50% off! Buy your resell products through our affiliate program and order at least once a month for a 50% discount

Price Calculation (Payment via PayPal): One time 5$ setup fee + options