Critically Acclaimed

The critical acclaimed list is the leading list of the most popular items from Taobao, Weidian or trusted sellers.

Unlike other lists, it is not influenced by the opinion of one single person/editor, instead it’s based on community reviews as a whole. Combining multiple subjective reviews leads to what’s objectively the best collection of items. So don’t take my word for it, read the reviews yourself.

The items are all 1:1, or if they are not exactly 1:1 the price makes up for it.

For an item to be featured here, it needs at least 3 in-hand reviews (we’re testing the impact if we raise this to 5), with at least 1 being a 5 Star review and the average being more than 4 Stars.

It also stands against the test of time, items have been added and removed for 3 years now, it doesn’t just follow the presale hype, these are actually the best items, as ratings have show over the years.

Of course, since these items are so popular you can find plenty of QC pics on RepArchive and the web.

Contact us on discord or reddit if you believe an item is missing. Leave your own reviews to shape the list.

Showing 1–12 of 29 results

Showing 1–12 of 29 results