This is a list of all known and trusted resellers and their items. Resellers are controversial among the community, with people opposing them saying they sell their items are cheaply made and can be found elsewhere for cheaper and fans saying buying from resellers is still cheap enough, in reality their items are rarely found elsewhere and the resellers offer good customer and return service.

Especially niche communities like CoutureReps appreciate resellers for their wide selection and ability to keep offering items even if sales numbers are low.

How are resellers identified

This is very important. Technically speaking, almost all sellers are resellers that don’t produce the items themselves. What they differ in is the different degree of involvement and exclusivity.

For instance we followed the now inactive seller StarCraft through the process of launching a new product. He found a factory, chose the fabrics and had it produced for him exclusively – he does not qualify as a reseller.

When we talk about resellers we usually mean sellers with low involvement and little to no exclusivity. This allows resellers to sell a large variety of items, they can just choose them and list them from wholesale. The low exclusivity means that other resellers copy well running items, which completes the characterization of resellers.

List of Resellers

Clicking the sellers profile listing (can be identified by the price tag graphic) will give you the sellers contact information.

For some reason they recently went to having different taobao store names, so in case a name changed and it’s not shown here, please let us know.



3125 Tiger



These are only clothes sellers for now, as we can support listing their items much better than shoe sellers.