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Spreadsheet Search Engine Discord Bot

You can invite our discord bot to provide your users with the extremely powerful capabilities this Spreadsheet Search Engine and index provides.


The discord version uses the exact same index and technology, but it is cut down a little bit to better fit the format of discord and provide quicker answers.

  • 6 instead of 24 results
  • Just Pandabuy, no agent configuration (might come soon if I figure out how)
  • No sources/references list
  • no filters or sorting

Getting started

  1. Invite the bot
  2. search for items using /spreadsheet-search

If you're already looking for ways to improve your server through the means of the latest technology, you can also invite the Taobot discord bot.

Taobot is a 1:1 discord implementation of the chat bot you can try in the bottom right corner. The goal is for it to be able to handle all beginner and advanced questions better than any expert could.

Previously, it's weakness used to be that it didn't have live item information, but together with the Spreadsheet Bot, you have an extremely strong combination.


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