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List your spreadsheet

Listing your spreadsheet on RepArchive gives you the opportunity to benefit from the biggest and best spreadsheet search engine in the world.

RepArchive makes sure there are links to all sources, so users have the option to visit your spreadsheet to find out more, especially after reading your comment. This should bring you more visitors.

Here's another idea why you want might want to list on RepArchive. If someone steals your spreadsheet, you have proof that you were the first.

If you have a spreadsheet and it's not listed yet, click the button below and give us a link. We take care of the rest, your spreadsheet should be listed in next to no time.

list my spreadsheet

Unlist your spreadsheet

If you don't like your spreadsheet being on here for whatever reason, we will remove it. We do think that we have a great offer here for content creators, and that being listed is definitely better than not being listed, but it's not in RepArchive's nature to take anyone's content without their permission, so if you're certain you want to be unlisted, click the button below.

However, it goes without saying that spreadsheets get stolen all the time, and we can't prevent someone from stealing your spreadsheet and submitting it, partially or in full. There's a good chance someone already listed the same items as yours.

When asking to unlist a spreadsheet, please show some proof of ownership, a imgur link to a screenshot with "edit" permissions is enough.

unlist my spreadsheet


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