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Welcome to the ultimate your agent shipping calculator. This page shows you how much a AGENT parcel is going to cost and what shipping service you can use, taking into account your country and the exact dimensions and weight of your items, among other factors.

Why our shipping calculator is better than your agent's own shipping estimates: Our true price technology guarantees all fees are included, even hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. Our selection of filtering and sorting options makes it easy to narrow down the different shipping lines to find one that fits your expectations, including filtering for services that allow shipping brands/reps.

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If you want to compare to other shopping agents, such as BaseTao, Cssbuy, Pandabuy, Sugargoo, Superbuy, Wegobuy or Hagobuy, using the same parcel configuration, just hit the back arrow below.

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1 sweater, 3 t-shirts OR 2 sweaters, 1 longsleeve, 5 pairs of socks
3 sweaters, 2 t-shirts OR 3 pairs of shoes, 2 t-shirts
2 down jackets, 2 sweaters OR 4 sweaters, 1 pair of shoes, 4 t-shirts
1 pair of shoes
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